Atmo-Jumper Guild

The Atmo-Jumper Guild is a very special elite quasi-mercenary squad of the Republic: it consists of people who were chemically treated by a mysterious compund initially making up the biochemistry of the Aurost race.



This compund is called the Green Element and it gives humans Aurost traits. Since the Aurost is a part-silicon, part-metallic lifeform, they have dense tissues and other physical properties that, when manifested within the human body, gives people superhuman strength and resistance - as well as usually lethal injuries in the process of chemical injection and the permanent halt of some non-vital cellular development. (e.g. body hair growing)

Those who survive the process become the Atmo-Jumpers: these people usually already got proper military training from the Republic, but from this point, they are getting excess training for special operations.


Their most notable property (after which they got their names, as well) is that they are so strong that are even capable of reaching 100 km of height at Earth-like gravity levels, with a single jump, returning, and surviving the entire process.

This technique is usually used for surveillance purposes, but often causes serious traumatic injuries, so is averted when possible.




Aside of atmosphere jumping, Atmo-Jumpers bear unimaginable power, compared to that of a regular human, so are often used for clean-up operation or even against advanced battlefield machinery (such as tanks, planes or walkers) in case the situation renders deployment of such units against the enemy forces unfeasible.

The Atmo-Jumpers' brain is wired with a "killswitch" mechanism, killing them instantly in case of any betrayal or defection attempt.

In the Gate Hunter Division storyline

The only person ever becoming able to turn off his killswitch, thus leaving the organization was William George Stout, who stayed on planet Epte Merinos, working for the organized crime against the Republic, until meeting Drifter and Amazon.


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