Beacon World Era

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The Beacon World Era is the name of an almost half a million year long period of time in the history of the galaxy, which started 30 thousand years before the first Beacon World Activation Event, when Aurosts and Sun Serpents arrived to the galaxy the first time (and also when the last of the Shapers escaped) and ended with the Serpent Resurrection.

General description

The age of the Shapers was coming, and the newly formed Cloudan Confederacy was well aware of it. They were impossible to encounter at any point, though, so the Cloudan focuses all of its resources to find the single entry point to Ezbekuar's Gate, the final major Shaper contstruction they found to be still active.


Main events


Regh: the Aurost homeworld

Because of the inaccessibility of most of the outer locations, it is still unknown, whether the destination point of the Gate was actually Regh itself. Most of the sources from the age claim that what happened at the point of the activation event was practically a Cloudan-Aurost exchange: while the invaders attacked the other side, some could find a chance to slip through, and thus, being the first Aurosts of the galaxy.

Since it is unknown, according to what mechanisms the Gate works, historians could have no idea, whether this theory is plausible at all - which would imply a Planet Monument-like mechanism. According to the current level of understanding on Shaper technology, opening a spatial warp on such distances that would actually provide access for thousands, if not millions of lightyears is unfeasible, and as such, impossible.


What happened and what was on the other side of the Gate in BY1 is one of the biggest ever unsolved mysteriers of the galaxy.



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