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What you can see above is something that really should have happened months ago. Okay, well, not necessarily, because this team took a very long time to be finalized - but still, without arts, I was running around in one place. And it's not funny, not good, and absolutely not productive at all.

But why?

I've never been a good artist. Even in school, is drew terribly. I was never dealing with the matter in fact, I've always preferred writing (or later: level design) - there was a short period in 2011 when I discovered DeviantART and I really wanted and tried drawing. Only the model of a tank, and even that I deleted since. Then I wanted to make 3D models, but that was not my cup of tea at the time neither.

So for long, I was relying on writing. It soon turned out though, that very few people reads and despite I love this hobby, I haven't found it a sustainable way of expressing my stories, ideas and worlds. I kept up this principle even in the early days of this wiki: both Neocairo and the Thunderrealm got a [map], for example.

The thing is that in fact, I'm not a fan of maps - as a young child, I used to be, but somehow, since that, it disappeared. Maybe the different scope of my world is what does - the graph map of the Cosmic Disk is definitely a different approach, not even talking about the fact that in my world, because of the Planet Monument system, precise position of planets is less relevant than their position in the graph.

Anyways, sometimes I do enjoy creating maps, that's true for sure, but it was not enough for me. Terminus Nation was born as a rather character-centric story and a corresponding world. That I dealt with worldbuilding for so long was in fact not else but procrastinating the actual job: the story and the characterbuilding.

I'm not saying it's bad! I just should have concentrated on finding ways to draw the way I want.

Because as you can see, it turned out well.

At least I'm proud of it.

Not even talking about the fact that I've learnt a lot about pixelarts: sudden changes in lines' slopes, use of color palettes and color shades (which are not actually finished on this one yet - by purpose), some aesthetics, and most importantly (though you may not agree), fixing jagged lines.

By the sole fact I've made this pixelart, I've improved a lot as an artist.

Here comes the gate-hunter-division!

The already existing concept arts were also helping a lot at shaping out character appearances, but the lack of available people and my laziness at providing proper further details finally "forced" me to do something on my own. Of course, it needed some "enlightening", during the last half year, as I was not realized the importance of productivity, discipline, and overcoming anxiety before. I also got some great inspiration from various Redditors that pushed me to this phase.

I know it's pathetic in a sense, but I don't care - I succeeded and I'm proud to show you The Gate Hunter Divison!

Without spoilers, of course. ;)

Drake is the former criminal of a cyberpunk metropolis who's riding "into the light" now - with his fellow, the beauty from the jungle, Shiori! The are the Goldfire Duo and I desire to deal with their relationship the most in this storyline.

Of course, it'd be quite boring with only two people, and I wanted to deal with group harmony anyways - so there's Jumper, a human-alien hybrid veteran of supernatural strength, who took revenge on his former bosses: the Republic! He's not the only hybrid member of the team, as Iria, who was about to become the member of a hyperaugmented hiveminded human subspecies (yeah, I know, it's entirely original...) before joining Drake's team.

After her, Nate was coming: the strange shirtless guy with the strange tattoo and strange shady businesses in Stracloud Space Cities. He was quite electrifying for the other members…so Chris was after the takeover and his violent yet passionate victory on the leader of the former Galarian Matriarchy. He's the heart of the team, greatly compensating Hackerboy, the mind himself. From a Future Empire computer scientist expert, to the master of Ethereal Energy-based robots…a huge path!

Final words

So…yeah. They are the "Gate Hunters", and Terminus Nation's main storyline is going to be about their (mis)adventures to find a legendary superstructure that can help everyone start a new life somewhere else.

They are leaving eternity behind…for towards the future, ever marching on and on.

If I made you interested, you can choose countless ways to help my projects: simply leaving a comment - or use the forums of this site, like the "official" Facebook page or join the discussion group, follow me on Twitter, contact on Reddit or the best (through never obligated) method is donating on Patreon or via PayPal.

Whatever you choose, thanks for reading and your activity!

Katamori, 04 Aug 2016 21:04

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