David Matthew Mayes

David Mayes (named Hackerboy in the SNSH Ranking, often simply shortened as H.B.) is a non-temporal inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk, the seventh and last member of the Gate Hunter Division, a former programmer of the Hackfield Dev Team Core.

Originally living as a programmer in an alternate timeline on Earth, he died in a car accident in his mid-20s, resurrecting in the TNU where he continued his job. Chronologically, he's the oldest member of Drake Daviau's team, living through nearly five centuries at the point of his join, during which he worked for countless nations and organizations.

Beyond his role in the development of the post-Neocairo era of the Future Empire, he also gained fame by being the first non-temporal person to visit, survive, and sustain a long-term life within the Beacon World. During his stay, he developed an extremely huge set of weapons that he utilize to prepare the takeover of Anubis on the galaxy - and to destroy Cloudan presence on the Obelisk Planet.

As the final member of the Gate Hunters, he was the one who could protect its members from the biggest threats - which turned out to be his doom during the Gate Incident.

After the incident, as he lost all of his abilities, lived a rather solid (though wealthy) life as a robotic engineer.

General informations


HB is biologically 25 years old, but has been living in the TNU for 471 years at the beginning of the story, making him 496 years old at that point, and 504 at the time of the Gate Incident.

Codename confusion

Mayes got his nickname "Hackerboy" in his early life in the TNU, but in fact, he gave up on security-related activities fairly quickly. As such, he's also referred as "the Robotmaster" which reflects more on his late activities - still, he was remembered as "Hackerboy" due to the persistence of the SNSH list.

Background history


HB's pre-TNU life is mostly a mystery. Opinions of non-temporal people of alternate Earth origin who contacted him in the matter imply that most likely, Mayes lived in a world, which, either can directly be identified as Earth, or at least superficially resemble it.

He most likely had a calm childhood that he spent with his biological parents, and later, his sister. Moreover, even early on, he was obsessed with mathematics, and subsequently with computation theory and computers. Obviously, this led him to become a prominent expert in the field during and after school activities - he was working for an unspecified IT company at the time of his (most likely unfortunate and unintended) death.

It is also unknown, what was his original national identity, as, while bearing an English name, he stated that his native language and home country on Earth was not related to English language or nationality. He, however, never specified either of those, claiming he feels ashamed of ever belonging them.

Divergence points

Earth theory historians, after the examination of information given by HB during the years, discovered several differences regarding his homeworld that differs from the majority of alternate Earth concepts known from other non-temporal people.


Early years

Working on Hackfield

Vagabound times

In the Beacon World

In the Goldfire Duo storyline

The Obelisk War and meeting Drake Daviau


Since Mayes utilized his own energy reserves to operate the Shaper Obelisk from within Beacon World, his arrival was totally unexpected. What outsiders was seeing in that moment is the appearance of a mysterious humanoid with an unidentified perception device on its head and an endless army of the infested Cloudan.

In the moment of his return, Mayes was immediately contacted by Anubis in order to give him an insight to the situation. Realizing the events behind and during the Obelisk War, he realized the incompetence of all groups of interests in regards of understanding both the scale of Beacon World and the significance of its very core in the stability of the galaxy.

As a result, Mayes decided to make an end to the Obelisk by releasing the infested hordes and then draining and locking the Obelisk, in order to prevent anyone being able to reach it in a meaningful time before the next Beacon World Activation Event. It should be noted that by this action, he indirectly helped to fulfill "Boson" Beran's intention of destroying the Gate before he himself could leave the galaxy.

Mayes immediately initiated a fight against the forces of the Cloudan Confederacy utilizing both the infested ones, and his own robots - it took some time, however, to transport the entire horde to Obelisk Planet.


As a member of the Gate Hunter Division


After the Gate Incident



With 174 cm, HB has an absolutely average height, which applies to his body shape, as well. He has white skin and originally, brown eye color (see "Distinctive features"). His hair has a naturally dark green tone and is mostly straight; he keeps it in a medium length: it is let grown to an extent, but not reaching or covering his neck.


HB prefers vivid colors: his otherwise black and white shoes has bright green shoelaces, and while his baseball cap and jeans are basically light grey colored, his shirt has a similar neon-green shade. Said shirt also has a white markup tag written on it (in a fashion like this: [[code]]</ >[[/code]]), with a "Tzui" rune in-between.

Beyond his baseball cap, he also wears a parir of sunglasses, most of the time, as well as a hand-made jacket. Said jacket has brown base color, with a bright orange non-figurative line-art woven on it. It is usually laying on his shoulders, without his hands put into the sleeves.

Distinctive features

While his unique jacket, the vivid colors and his constantly worn baseball cap and sunglasses are memorable enough, he's also easy to differentiate from other people without clothes: due to his excessive nanoaugmentation usage, his eyes are completely recolored: it has a very bright turquoise coloration - including his sclera.

Moreover, for his abilities, he has a mechanical augmentation, too: he wears a gigantic spatial compression portal on his back, because of which his skin on his back and sides are completely replaced by a flexible metallic composition, to support the mechanism behind the spatial distortion field.




Goals, aims

Passions and hated things


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