Drake Ian Daviau

Drake Daviau (named Drifter in the SNSH Ranking) is a non-temporal teenager inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk. After spending several months on the decaying industrial planet of Vel, he decided not to wait for his fate and with his partner, he started a long adventure to find the legendary Gate, to leave the dimension.

General informations

Drake calls himself "Drifter", using this as a nickname, reflecting his pointless, careless and undemanding lifestlye he used to have in his previous life - and what he also continued for one year after his resurrection. As a result, this is the short name with which he's recorded to the SNSH list.

He is biologically 17 years old and has been in the Cosmic Disk for 4 months when he met Shiori, making him chronologically 18 years old at that time, and near 20 when he approached the Gate.

Background history


Drake was born into a planet which was suffered by a nuclear war centuries eariler; thus, the majority of its surface is either desert or wasteland. He was born in the only (therefore enormously big and overcrowded) city of the planet - luckily, he grown up in an arcology within the very core of the city, where living standards were much higer.

He was born to a son of a wasteland scout father and an arcology supervisor mother.

Leaving the Arcology

Drake lived in the arcology until 8, when an assault of a local crime gang established an emergency situation within the building. The attackers could invade some blocks of the building, murdering various people meanwhile, including the mother of Drake. In the chaos, the young boy was saved by his father, but leaving everything behind (including their identification cards), they were considered dead after they were out of the arcology.

Father and son had to build a new life from scratch on the streets of poverty, unemployment and organized crime; this led both quickly into the underworld. The boy learnt the basics of melee fighting and spent a lot of time in the otherwise unreachable corners of the buildings by using motorized grappling hooks.

They lived a tough, but sometimes happy life together. Drake learnt to read, write and count by his father, who helped him stay alive as long as he could. When the boy was 12, however, his father became alcoholic and both their relationship and standards of living became worse. They struggled, however, and stayed together; but when Drake was 14, his father was murdered in a shooting fight on the streets.

Left alone

Becoming an orphan, the young Drake left their home and started wandering on the streets, and survived as he could: joining gangs, improving at fights, trading black market products, killing other gang members and such. Although, his easier past still haunted him and affected his abilities - so when it was offered, he got implants into his brain to improve his abilities - and his arms to become a professional user of the grappling hooks.

After this point, he was 16, and things became quick - and a bit hasty. He was literally running up on the echelon of his crime gang, but he paid attention to the law enforcement too. His standards of livign were about to become as high as in the arcology - but Drake was caught up in doom.

Despite the constant escape, once, when he was attempting to hide in an abandoned apartmen, he ran into a cop directly, who shot him in the head without hesitatation. Drake died at the scene, and soon, he woke up in the Cosmic Disk.

In the Goldfire Duo storyline




With 172 cm of height, Drake is a little bit smaller, than the average, but it does not make any noticeable difference from them. He's a typical young Caucasian male, with such facial features and white skin; moreover, he has greyish-green eyes and reddish-brown hair. His shape is completely average, lacking heavier muscular sophistication, but he is also not fat. His hair is long, reaching down to his shoulders; he usually wears it on them in a simple fashion.


Drake usually wears a pitch black, paling shirt, a pair of pale blue and a little bit torn jeans, and a pair of brown, torn boots. He often wears a gray denim vest above his shirt, sometimes wearing it even without the shirt.

Distinctive features

Faded light gray stripes are visible on the upper side of his forearms. These are his special augmentations: computerized grappling hooks, further explained below. On his neck he has a long horizontal scar; sign of a deep, yet survived throat cut. On his back he has a tattoo, depicting a risen fist, the wrist of which originates from optic cables and circuits.

Seasonal and special clothing

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Shows slightly autistic signs: shy and has hard time with building relationships often. Without any intention, can easily treat people badly. Moreover, he's single-minded, often mistaking or failing at simple tasks and makes a lot of joke. However, because of the later harsh life, he's bitter and depressive and can become aggressive and even sadistic easily in intensified situations and conflicts. He's also careless and avoids responsibility, but this latter slowly changes as he's getting closer to his aim.

The meet of the two leads to some bizarre behavioural pattern; his conscience is very strong, making him stressfull and feel exaggerated guilt when he hurts someone close to him. He escapes from reality and problems easily, often by drinking. He's also very emotional, expressing whatever mood he has quite strongly - he can even cry easily. Although, after realizing his state, he becomes extremely ambitious, never ever giving up his aim and unconditionally supporting his friends - who he values above everything else.

Obsessive when it comes to technology, heavy metal subculture and his friends.


Drake has basic skills at unarmed combat, but can handle stabbing-cutting weapons quite efficiently. What he's expert at is the handle of handguns, with limited but efficient accuracy for long distances.

He's not sporty but to compensate, his agility and reflexes are enhanced thanks to an augmentation in his ear. He has two additional ones within his brain: a heavily energy-dependent social interaction enhancement (for analyzing human behaviour in critical situation) and an echolocation sensor, which makes him limited capable of navigating without seeing.

He's also professional at using grappling hooks either to hide in high spots or to perform various acrobatic tricks - mostly only with his agility enhancer, though.


  • Grappling hook augmentations: built into his forearms, Drake constantly wears two motorized and computerized grapplink hooks. The hook itself is shot out at his wrist, without rope; built-in sensors calculate its position after grabbing into any surface and the microcomputers builds up a special rope made out of nanofoam that functions like hlass fibre cables. When the hook is retracted, the foam is disintegrated. My modifying certain properties, the hook can also be used as a harpoon.
  • Pocket knife: a standard knife that can be easily folded out and retracted.
  • Rechargable laser pistol: a battery-based handgun, shooting ionized energy projectiles. Its stregth can be adjusted up to the capacity of the battery, providing weak but quick firepower, but also can become slow and limited, but extremely powerful if necessary.
  • Rechargable laster rifle parts: some accessories with which the pistol can be modified to a rifle, with bigger battery capatity, firepower and strength scale.
  • Recharchable caser cannon parts: accessories for the rifle, to achieve outstanding and even devestating power. Rarely used.

Goals, aims


Passions and hated things




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