Ethereal Energy


Ethereal Energy is an additional and extraordinary altering potential of fundamental particles that is despite caused by "simple" string theory phenomena, but is still unpredictable by the regular models of theoretical physics. It coexists with the regular rules and potentials of physics, and provides additional power to the particles and thus, every single matter of the world. As it is hardly describable on rational ways, it is often associated with, or even considered "magic".

Ethereal Energy Channeling

Ethereal Energy Channeling (EEC for short) is a special technique, by which the EE potential can be exploited to alter the material world in varying details and sizes.

It was developed by the Shapers and is based on the fact that every thought an intelligent lifeform generates starts a process of a very small world altering, both directly and indirectly. The Shapers have invented a special alphabet that amplifies and/or expands this altering ability. When a lifeform that is intelligent enough (including humans) is capable of both noticing and vocalizing (thus reading and speaking) said runes, then by strongly focusing on it mentally (which is called Rune Focusing and is the initial step of EEC), it becomes capable of channeling certain types and/or amounts of EE from a body or matter to another. Combining it with certain motions, the touch of certain materials, memorizing multiple Runes, or even more sequences of Runes can provide an extremely wide set of spatial and matter altering abilities.

As both the focusing, the Rune sequences, the special techniques and every other components need heavy studying and practice (and a stable and clear mind for maximum efficiency), EEC is very hard to master, but can be supported by creating automatic systems for it. Thus, EEC can be the fundamental base of entire technological branches and paradigms – as it has happened in case of the Shapers and several global alien races of the Cosmic Disk.

Ethereal Energy variants

Different matters are composed of different amounts and (overall 25) so-called "variants" of Ethereal Energy, making every matter significant and usable in EEC.

EE variants, in theory, represent various abstract, not precisely defined, and very situation-dependent concepts and definitions - the energy amount associated to them describe and define the properties of any given material. The entirety of the EE variants is theoretically able to represent every possible energy and/or matter outcome of the Universe. (where Universe refers to the Terminus Nation Universe, of course)

EE variants, in practice, appear as the representation of the nodes in Ethereal Runes, the edges of which symbolize the channeling between them.

Main groups

Seeing from the upper-right corner of the 5x5 graph, each node (referred to as variants from now on) can be categorized to 9 diagonal columns, called the main groups. These groups represent concepts of similar properties - though, partially because of is, their length is inconclusive.

Groups closer to the upper left corner are more specific about physical properties, while ones cloer to the lower right corner are rather ambiguous.

  1. Spatio-temporal flexibility
  2. PLAUGE OF ETHEREUM - if these variants exceed a certain percent in the EE distribution, they start to act as an "attracting point", draining energy from all the other variants, causing EE breakdowns.
  3. Deterministic threat
  4. Thermodynamic state
  5. Complexity
  6. Chemical setup
  7. Resistance
  8. PLAGUE OF SELF - same as the Plague of Ethereum, but it causes the breakdown of the involved objects.
  9. Ethereal flexibility


  1. Hardness - how hard and/or rigid is the material? Correlates with the Mohs-scale of hardness closely.
  2. PLAGUE 1: DISPLACEMENT - the object's ability to lose spatio-temporal integrity and reassemble in a new location through EEC. Becomes a permanent disassemble state if exceeds the treshold.
  3. Stability - does the objects tend to change the spatio-temporal properties of itself or objects interacting with?
  4. Emission
  5. Volume (a.k.a. spatial variance)
  6. PLAGE 2: OVERDRIVE - the objects ability to approach c, the speed of light. If exceeds the treshold, the object reaches c, losing all its mass and related physical properties, spreading further in the form of light, muons and other exotic particles, releasing all of it's excees EE.
  7. Lethality - does the object tend to cause decreases in life energy level of other objects?
  8. Reflection
  9. Age (a.k.a. temporal variance) - what is the apparent length of the object's existence?
  10. Memory - how many interactions the objects is able to "store" hidden properties, and release on impact?
  11. Destructivity - does the object tend to decrease resistance-related ethereal properties?
  12. Absorption
  13. Life
  14. Polymorphism - how much of the object's chemical integrity is kept when EE levels change?
  15. Ethereality (a.k.a. ethereal resistance) - does the object interfere or change in any meaningful way, if meets or interacts with another object with specific EE properties?
  16. Energy hold - how easily the object releases the energy potential it gaines through various means?
  17. Scale - how many other object it is connected to, either physically, or through any kind of "ethereal bond"?
  18. Isotopism - how many extra neutrons the object's chemical compund has?
  19. Integrity (a.k.a. spatial resistance) - how stable is the object when any spatial "interference" (such as gravitational attraction, attempts to separate parts, de-/acceleration or even a chemical reaction) occurs?
  20. PLAGUE 3: AUTOMATION - the object's ability to set the properties of the interacting objects to its own. Causes an uncontrollable "grey goo" scenario if exceeds the treshold.
  21. Entropy - in Ethereal context, it describes how regular and ordered is the object.
  22. Spin irregularity - how much the object's chemical compound is able to make additional (covalent or ionic) bonds?
  23. Eternity (a.k.a. temporal resistance) - what is the object's rate of degradation, decay or any means of change over time?
  24. PLAGE 4: RECURSION - the object's ability to increase its own complexity traits. Induces a spatial warp (usually a black hole) if exceeds the treshold.
  25. Entanglement - how strongly the object is connected to the bonded objects described by the "scale" property? Strong bond causes group activity.

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