Ethereal Runes

Ethereal Runes are the main (and the sole direct) tools used for controlling and manipulating Ethereal Energy. The set of runes in itself functions like an alphabet, describing the connections, motions, amounts and other properties of various Ethereal Energy types, mapping nearly every possibility.

There are 60 commonly used and 55 Ethereal Runes, but the majority of the latter is usually unknown, as these are rarely used "letters" in the set - the usage of which is yet to be discovered or developed by several factions.


Every Ethereal Rune is representable in a graph of 25 nodes, arranged in 5 rows and 5 columns; each node represent a type of Ethereal Energy. The runes themselves consist of the connections drawn between the dots, in respect to the following rules:


Within the compositions, the amount of multi-connected nodes is also checked. It means that a dot is connected to not only a single connection, thus more energy from that type is released by the symbol.



Ethereal Runes are usually carved into durable materials – or painted into below the surface, where the symbol is still visible. The latter is often done as tattoos, mostly among humans. However, handwritten, and thus not perfectly straight runes were also proven to be usable. Runes written into fragile matters (paper, sand, cloth, glass, etc.) can also provide functionality, but with smaller efficiency rate.

Digital representation

In raster graphics, 9x9 = 81 pixels are necessary to depict each rune.



Rune Focusing


Material property alteration


Naming planets of the Cosmic Disk




List of Ethereal Runes

Simple runes (60)

Ab, Ai, An, Ao, Ar, Au
Be, Bi, Bo
Ca, Co, Cu
Da, De, Di
Ei, El, Ep, Er, Ev
Ia, Ib, Is, Iv
Ga, Go
Ha, He
Ka, Ke, Ki
La, Lu
Ma, Me, Mi
Na, Ne, Ni
Ob, On, Op
Pi, Po
Ra, Re, Ri, Ro, Ru
Sa, Se,
Ta, Te
Uv, Ua
Va, Vi, Vo, Vu
Za, Ze, Zi

Special runes (55)

Bon (from "Bo"), Boq (from "Bo"), Bor (from "Bo")
Cai (from "Ai"), Cao (from "Ao"), Cko, Clu, Cyar
Dan, Dar (from "Ar"), Dis, Dorg, Dok, Dox
Eje, Eni
Gao (from "Ao")
Hak, Han (from "Ha"), Hel (from "El"), Hua, Hva
Khe, Kre
Mak (from "Ma"), Mal (from "Ma"), Mö
Nab (from "Na"), Neo (from "Ne"), Nex (from "Ne"), Nos, Nyk
Och, Ota
Rea (from "Re"), Rob, Roi, Rio (from "Ri"), Ris, Ros
Sen, Ses, Shi, Spi
Tem, Tov, Tzui
Vek, Vel, Voz (from "Vo")
Xio, Xy


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