Ezbekuar's Gate

Ezbekuar's Gate (usually shortened as The Gate) is a Shaper superconstruction in the northern half of the Starless Space. It has the capability of simultaneously creating, maintaining and holding up approximately 30 spatial warps with a range from 70 to 110 billion light years (practically, providing access to an ever unseen portion of the Universe) for an entire day. To achieve this, it utilizes an automatized system that gathers and accumulates physical and Ethereal energy - such a system is so huge that eventually, intelligent races evolved around it.

The Shapers built this system in a way that ensures that the Gate is capable of further usage in the future indefinitely - once in every 670 thousand years, at least, as this is the time span necessary to gather the sufficient energy through Beacon World.

After its initial usage, legends among the alien races started spreading immediately, which ultimately fueled the later arriving non-temporal people, enhancing the already initialized gold rush, as a result of which Drake "Drifter" Daviau and his friends and fellows capsized the power balance of nations and species, in order to reach it.

In 7910.R.D., they were successful, and as a result, the galaxy entered a new age.




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