Galarian Matriarchy

The Galarian Matriarchy wass the dominant power on planet Galaris, ruling the majority of the planet.

Before the Pirate War, when the hostile activity of the Rhov was increasing, a Cloudan fleet attacked the planet; exploiting the chaotic situation, a betrayed elite soldier killed the Matriarch, making end to her tryranny, freeing the planet.

Brief overview

The Matriarchy was a religion-based kingdom living under the reign of the Matriarch , a woman inhabitants claimed their goddess, and ultimate ruler. Their society was based on the dominance of the female gender, though their relationship with males was complicated: exhausting jobs were equally divided among the members, but in politics and on the levels of the families, women controlled.

Rumors say Galarian women used some kind of supernatural essence to seduce males, forcing them to keep women in a preferred position. This power can most likely be traced back to the Matriarch, as it was revealed during the fall.

They were heavily cooperating with the Sun Serpents, but considered every global human power their enemy ("male-dominated dictatorships"), just like the Cloudans - they kept neutrality with the Aurosts though.

The Matriarch


The Celebration of Cleaning Fire and Lifeblood

Through unknown ways, the period of every single female citizen within the Matriachy was artificially timed to the same day of each month; during these occasions, the Matriarch held a 4-day celebration event, during which the males were forced to become sex slaves.

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