Goldfire Duo

The Goldfire Duo is a famous wanderer pair of the Cosmic Disk, consisting of a teen male and a slightly older young adult female. Both are non-temporals, who decided not to stay in the galaxy for long, but to find a way to leave the dimension instead. During their adventure, they form an entire team of supernatural people and during and after several (often violent) interaction with some of the inhabiting factions the Cosmic Disk, they broke the political balance entirely, resulting at its peak in the Gate Incident.

The male member is a 17 years-old Drake Daviau; he used to be a criminal in an overcrowded city in his previous life, until he was shot by the local law enforcement.

The female member is a 22 years-old Shiori Zaian; she lived as a shaman warrior in a rainforest world, until she was teleported out to prevent her death.




Before the fame

Drifter's arrival

The story of the duo ultimately began when Drake woke up near to an industrial complex on Vel; It happened some months before the arrival of Shiori. During this time, Drake (realizing what happened) continued what he used to do in his homeworld: smuggling, interrogation, establishing shady businesses, and other activities related to the existence of organized crime. He was comparably successfull until he was baited into a trap that eventually led the death of his partners and his successfull but risky escape to another, safer but poorer district of the town.

Here he lived as a bodyguard of one of the local (actually Justice Empire affiliated) crime gangs, renting a very small aparment and waiting for the impossible: the green light to leave through a Monument portal.

Shiori's arrival


The Scarab Annihilation


New members


Relationship with other factions

The Republic


Free Heaven Movement and the Starcloud Nation

The activity of the duo, especially at the early times, was heavily revolved around ties with the Free Heaven Movement, due to Drifter's contact with affiliated crime gangs on [[[Vel]] up until Epte Merinos, and even later on after their personal meet.

Being non-temporals, it was somewhat reasonable from both sides: their interests and aims had several overlaps, and both Amazon and Drifter were willing to take revenge on enemies of the Movement.


It also should be noted that two late members of the Gate Hunter Division had somewhat strong ties to these factions: "Red" Minkren spent several decades building up reputation in the Starcloud Nation, while Chris "Hammer" actually turned to neo-Christianity as he became a significant and famous member of the Galarian Matriarchy's Imperial Guard.

Anubis and the Church of the Cybergod

Killing "Kebechet" Anjema and her direct officers, as well as causing immense destruction in the Scarab Node infrastructure (and as a combination of the two, effectively destroying the organization) naturally would imply bad view from Anubis' side on the duo.

It later turned out, however, that the so-called Cybergod (through Kebechet's army) indirectly observed the activity of the duo from their very first interaction with the Scarab Node by killing two of their agents. As a consequence, it is assumed that Anubis has found some sort of "hidden opportunity" in both Drifter and Amazon that it later decided to turn for its own advantage.

Ultimately, it turned to peak in the Gate Incident.


The Khali


Red Fist and the Justice Empire


The Boson Conundrum


The Cloudan Screwer Militia

After the fall of the Galarian Matriarchy, "Immortal" Albu and his fleet arrived to the site in order to help the Gate Hunters reach Obelisk Planet in a reasonable time frame. While it was a favour taken for their Starcloud Nation contacts and interests, rather than their own decision, the pirates were basically welcoming towards Drifter, Amazon and their team.

Their later reappearance and semi-permanent residing at Black City of Ontenedis also indicates that, no matter if they acted either upon interest, or upon some sort of friendship or alliance, it was in general mutually beneficial for the Cloudan Screwer Militia's aims to support the duo.

As the Gate indicent had little to no effect on the pirate fleet, it is presumed that Albu and "Iron Fist" Kane acted as "(not so) silent benefactors", as well as for ensuring the persistance of the galaxy-wide upheveal in the late days - for similar reasons.





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