Harvesters (Ontenedis)

On planet Ontenedis, the Harvesters are animal species with outstanding size and power. They usually wander around the continents, looking for other Harvesters to consume and eat them.

They are mostly carnivorous animals, but their diet do not consist of other giants though – they eat smaller animals rarely however, as it is not sufficient for them to survive.

They behave neutrally towards other animals and the tribespeople, often letting them travel with them, but also destroying and killing everything that blocks their way. Tribespeople usually live in harmony with them, idolizing them as protectors and maintainers of the forest's health.

These creatures are strongly manipulated by climate- and Shaper-related phenomena; it is possible that they are often used to protect both the Monument and the Obelisk.

Harvesters on other planets



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