Human subspecies

Subspecies of Homo Sapiens Sapiens are taxonomic units within said race of "human", the members of which went under either environmental or artificial influences at some point in the past, resulting in noticeable divergences from the fundamental biological features and properties of its ancestors.

There are several contributing factors behind the rise of these populations: the elongated time window of human history in the galaxy, the desire of individuals and groups for improvement, pressure by war or competiton and the immense amount of alien artifacts, as well as religious or philiosophical reasons in some cases were all lying in the background of these changes.

As of 7903.R.D., there are eight major and dozens of minor groups of individuals considered genetically permanently separated by multiple generations of breeding.

While definitions vary by factions, most of the census calculate subspecies as "human", officially, rather than listing as separate species; this counts to the fact that human is considered being near to the majority by population in the Cosmic Disk.



List of subspecies


The Möebius

The name that applies both to the taxonomical category and their only nation, indicates a pseudo-hivemined collective of morbidly nanoaugmented individuals.

Aside of the excess presence of nanites within their bodies, the most prominent feature of Möebius people are their cold blue (occasionally purple) skin color, their universally dark blue hair color & dark purple eye color, their supernatural strength, endurance and intelligence (overcoming regular humans in literally every aspect) and the decreased perception of the concept of self.

Due to their nature, the Möebius has quickly become by far the most unified and biggest subspecies faction in the world, posing significant risk in terms of military capabilities even for the Republic.

Example characters: Iria Eehma.


Example characters: most of the Mongeluzzo family.


Example characters: most of the Impellizzeri family.

Medusa people

Similarly underwater-accommodated like the Aquarans, but lack the ability to breath air entirely; due to their fragile body structure, they can't survive on the surface without exoskeletons.

Example characters:

Devilskin people

Example characters: Logan Nathaniel Jackson.


Chemically partially denaturated; able to exist in extremely hostile environment, but are weak and reproduce exceptionally hard.

Example characters:

Chitin people

Humanoids being able to produce chitin, growing venomous claws and reproduce with eggs.

Example characters:

The Yellow Haplorhines

Example characters:



Sovereign factions


The Republic

While the Republic has been fighting against racism ever since its early days, they were unprepared for the immigration waves on the emergence of the subspecies. As such, the Economic Class Differentiation Act of 5309.R.D. has declared every individual with at least 50% subspecies ancestry restricted access citizens. Despite countless attempts during the transition into the Resistance Rise Era, this opinion has eventually persisted in Republic society.

As restricted access citizens, subspecies individuals:

  • have limited entry permit to the Main Ring,
  • are forbidden from working in the public serving and/or governing sector (up to and including politics and law enforcement),
  • can vote, but due to excess bureaucracy, they are underrepresented and exposed to administrative errors,
  • and most importantly, are not protected by equal service rights, meaning they can be banned from commercial services.

Moreover, while are rarely harassed by the "unmodified", the law allowing them not to serve subspecies on personal decision makes them a target of conflicts frequently. This resulted in the rise of the organized crime among them.

Free Heaven Movement and Starcloud Nation

Church of the Cybergod and Future Empire

The Red Fist

Justice Empire adn the Khali

An exception: the Terminus Nation Alliance

Born out of wide-scale social dissatisfaction, the cause of the TNA quickly drew attention of the oppressed subspecies, as well, forming an exceptional alliance between them and the unified group of non-temporal people.

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