Iria Eehma

Iria Eehma (named Jelly in the SNSH Ranking) is a Moebius inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk, former scout and the fifth member of the Gate Hunter Division.


General information


Iria was 17 years old at the beginning of the story, 19, when he joined the Gate Hunter Division and 25, when she left the galaxy.

Background history


Iria was born on the planet Galza, a bordering desert camp colony of the Jade Legion, from a soldier father and a convenience store owner mother. She grew up in peace in an outer village, far from the harsh discipline of the organization - during her childhood, the only place she was exposed to it was the capital around the Planet Monument, where she spent a lot of time in her early teen years with her friends.

The Year of Starving

Iria's father died in 7898.R.D. on the front of the Green Squad, leaving her becoming unable to start high school years due to financial reasons. She stayed at home, helping her mother's business as a cashier, janitor, and so on. This was a poorer, yet happy year for her - until summer came and everyday life became significantly hard. In the following months, her mother eventually fell into alcoholism and after a very harsh argue, she caught her and sold to a human trafficking merchant called Ehlep.

He brought her to Cyargao, a planet where another organization, the Monument Empire was fighting against the infamous Justice Empire. Ehlep had the intention to sell Iria for the latter, but this plan came to an unexpected obstacle on his side: he had to realize that jade people like Iria is heavily unwelcome in a eugenic-based society like theirs. Slavery is not a desired option for neither: during the weeks the duo spent through the battlefield, the girl practically became the footman of the male, forging a good relationship.

Instead, Ehlep approached the Monument Empire's front capital and started working for them as a military supplier. It was risky, but a well-paying job, making Iria's year of starving an end.

Path to the Hive

When she was 16, Iria got attacked during one of their missions. Ehlep got shot and was fatally wounded; in his last words, he offered her a contact to the mysterious Möebius human sub-race. He said the girl can be in safety and among friends if she joins.

Stuck on a deadly front, alone, without any chance to return, Iria decided wherever they are, she'll find them and join, to find a final home. It took three months, and the visit of dozens of planets (through territories of the Monument Empire, Sons of the Ring, Free Heaven Movement and even the Aurost Fatherland) until she arrived the Möebius capital planet, Nex Danmak.

The Enlightening

Barely weeks later, after accustoming to the local people, she has made the decision to begin the series of treatments that eventually makes her becoming a member of the Möebius human race. She had remarkable difficulties at getting used to the endless contact to her friends and fellows, still after realizing she will not ever be lonely, she started accomodating quickly and discovering her boundaries and potentials.

When the Justice Empire broke through at Xyneoda, and Möebius military activity started increasing all around the galaxy, Iria started experimenting with the ability of manipulating water and her body's capability of containing it, and became a scout in a major division to support her fellows.


Meeting Drifter





With 165 cm of height, she is the smallest member of the Gate Hunter Division. She's comparably slim and muscular, given her job and specialties, in which her height meant a significant advantage. As a partially transformed Möebius human, Iria has pale purple colored skin - a transition between her original, normal white skin color and the blue coloration of the Möebius members. She moreover has cold blue hair by born.





Iria utilizes the fact that her body is heavily flooded by nanites - she uses the ones residing within her skin to induce the glands within it to operate by a differentiated mechanism. As a result, she can regulate not only the emission rate of said organs, but the output materials as well.

This gives her wide possibilities of enhancing her motion:

  • very thin layer of water or ice can be used for increasing speed and decrease her adhesion on any surface
  • a layer of glue can keep her attached to any surface, regardless of its physical or chemical composition
  • she can breathe through her skin on demand

…and so on.



Goals, aims

Passions and hated things


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