Kidar Manedorgtem

Kidar Mandegortem (literally meaning Entanglement, translated Shaper Dominium by the successor races) was the given name of the final empire of the Shaper history. Unifying the entirety of the Filament Supercluster for hundreds of millions of years, it had unimaginable achievements, resulting in the so-called "Ascension" of the Shapers within the regions - though it is suspected that the Dominium had even further reaches across the Universe, spreading the knowledge of the Shaper race in a cosmic magnitude.

This heavily sacral governmental body was almost solely responsible for everything that made the races of the Cosmic Disk consider the Shapers an ancient godlike predecessor, or even the Makers themselves, up to and including the creation of the entirety of the Aurost race, the methods of utilizing Ethereal Energy, and the Beacon World.

A brief overview


Given that their church had a great role in their expansion during the Expansion, religion has always been an extreme significance within Kidar Manedorgtem. They chased and eradicated every other faith than the cult of Vermyys, becoming the sole interstellar state religion. Though at the cost of uncountable lives and cultural heritages, the empire could break any other moral obstacle in the path of development.

The religion was centered around Vermyys, who was additionally referred as Ermaniru Zeme (literally "force of no shape"), a deity primarily existing in the form of Ethereal Energy (not unlike ghosts), who was claimed to be omnipresent, unlimited and the ultimate creator of the universe by the collision of two "rocks" of pure Ethereal origin - with said collision being the Big Bang.


Faith feedback

The rigid and extending power of the church meant that in the Dominium, religion and science were only roughly separated - historian assume that (at least until the last phases) the Shaper race had some kind of cognitive bias similar to that of humans, resulting a misinterpretation of their scientific measures. It leads to countless times of additional reinforcements of the governmental religion.

The fact that even with this bias, the Dominium had very few misapprehensions has erupted several controversies - yet, up to 7902.R.D., the events and statements described by the sacred writings of the cult of Vermyys are neither proven or refuted.

Scientific schools of religion




Governmental structure


On top of the Dominion, two individuals took place, titles Ivze and Nexnex, best translatable as "Weaver" and "Abacus", respectively. In vague definitions, the former was responsible for everything related to the cultural aspects of the empire: the church, cultural studies, scholarship, laws, establishments of entertainment, and so on. The latter organized the countable, rational and/or more scientific tasks: every area of "real science", economy, short-, middle- and long-term planning of the empire's future, logistics, and so on.

The two individuals' duties meant intense pressure for reactions and decision-making, and as so, both were supported by the central AIs of the empire, described below.



Amrnt and Menri








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