List of alien races and factions

Beyond the human presence, the galaxy is also inhabited by several native and later arriving alien species.

The Cloudans

An aggressive and mostly anti-human race. The only native species of the galaxy that emerged to the superpowers, as well as the oldest ones - though it's a long undecided title between them and the Sun Serpents.

The Cloudans entirely refuse the use of Ethereal Energy and any Shaper technology (aside of Planet Monuments), reaching a slow but constant technological advancement. Their final aim is to conquer the entire galaxy, wipe out all the other interstellar races and rule above all the rest.

They are the only race that is capable of interstellar travelling, and despite they do it in a risky way, a lot of them left their tribes to become space pirates, marauding wherever they go in the Cosmic Disk (see Rhov).

Noteworthy Cloudan factions:

  • The Rhov: ("Mercenary" in Cloudan language) a mostly disorganized fleet of pirate ships capable of interstellar traveling.

The Aurosts

The result of millenias of Shaper bioengineering experiment: the non-decaying, very slowly aging bio-automatons, equipped with ethics and feelings. Their body (even their face - for helping eating) is covered in hard but rigid metallic components, making only their blue eyes visible. They have multiple pair of legs and arms, but they usually clamp them to resemble a humanoid shape for usability purposes.

Their unique technology is based on the mixture of their own technological advancement and the embedded use of Ethereal Energy, making them the most efficiently working, building and expanding race.

Their majority considers every human their ally, regardless of additional occupancy, claiming that the Shapers created the Universe for them.

Due to an unknown Shaper mechanism, they never age, but they go to a hibernated state between 500 and 10 000 years of age, after which they are considered dead, as they are comatose and also start very slowly decaying. The reason of this, at least as far as humanity could understood xenobiology, is to preserve the knowledge of each individuals as long as possible. How the Aurost "recycles" knowledge stored this way is currently unknown.

The Aurost Fatherland of Embemea

The biggest Aurost civilization; nearly 90% of the Aurosts live within it. It's a so-called xeno-communist empire, dedicated to a non-human understanding of ideological concepts like egalitarianism, syndicalism and to some extent, prolatarianism.

Civilians of the Fatherland dedicate most of their lives to research the secrets of the universe. Scientists assume the Aurost could keep so unified during the millenias within the Fatherland because such tasks are inherently apparent in every natural (unmodified and unaugmented) Aurost, by design.

The capital of the Fatherland is Fatherland Embemea.

The Sun Serpents

The descendants of a special subspecies of the Shapers; their scaled skin has a brownish-yellow tint - also, they have reptile-shaped heads, a pair of snake-ish eyes, and a long tail at the end of their torso.

They live in a community completely free of regular technology, entirely relying on Ethereal Energy Channeling, but their cultural advancements go billions of years beyond and other races.

They claim, the Sun God created the world for the Shapers, and the human presence is only an anomaly, thus they despise humans, though in a less violent form than the Cloudan. They consider themselves the only rightful heir of the universe, slowly but constanly expanding their empire and protecting that at all costs, causing a lot of troubles every resistance. While their expansion is slow, most of the races claim they mean no less danger than the Cloudan or the Republic.

The Sun Serpent Empire

The biggest faction within the Sun Serpent race; led by the Old Ones, but otherwise being only loosely hierarchic, it exists without failure or majory defeat ever since the Serpent Resurrection.

The capital of the empire is called Seupi-wuewu.

The Moon Serpents

A rare faction of the Sun Serpents made of exiled citizens of the Empire. They formed their own cult-based civilization to idolize the God-beings: the Cybergod and the Dark Machine. The former is their Protector God while the latter is the Lord of Darkness and they believe their fight keeps the balance of the universe.

As they refuse the existence and the power of the Sun God, the original Sun Serpents chase and execute them, considering them heretics.

They ally with the Cybergod Church, thus becoming enemies of the Justice Empire and the Red Fist, while the Future Empire treats them the same way as the Church. The rest of the intergalactic powers has no special interest or conflict with them.

Their homeworld is planet Bhoeler.

Minor alien races

It is estimated that there are more than 1200 partially of fully civilized race in the galaxy; here's a list of the notable ones:

Main list

The Xeronod

Ontenedian races

Redteeth People: a race, the members of which resemble humanoid giant red ants. They are natives on planet Ontenedis, but a huge minority of them lives on other planets as well; they are unaware of the Ontenedis presence of their kins, though.

Mantis People: a race of civilized praying mantises. They are natives on planet Ontenedis, but they also could reach and inhabit planet Ckopel, where they live in symbiotic relationship with the nature, and mostly mutually beneficial relationship with the Sun Serpents.

Extinct ones

During the hundreds of thousands of years, several other major races emerged and fell to the dominance of others.



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