List of characters

A thorough list of the characters appearing in the stories of the Terminus Nation Universe.

Characters of supernatural physiology or origin of power have their SNSH name in brackets after their name.

The Cosmic Disk


Free Heaven Movement

Civilians from Hakdok

  • Nehbel Golra. Major of Pole City, Hakdok. Only mentioned, in "Saviors of Hakdok".
  • Dr. Roger Zachbel. Executive Assistant of the Hakdok terraforming facility. Only mentioned, in "Saviors of Hakdok".
  • Dr. Shaun Jensen. 36 years old. Executive Field Director of the Hakdok terraforming facility.
  • Samantha Jackson. 21 years old. Diablo's sister.

Starcloud Nation

Red Fist

Justice Empire

Church of the Cybergod

Future Empire

Anubis, the Cybergod

Scarab Node

Boson Conundrum

Cloudan Screwer Militia

The Dark Machine

Galarian Matriarchy

Gate Hunter Division

The The N.I.G.H.T.

The Minkren Dynasty

The Thunderrealm

Skargard Kingdom

Chazco Federacy

Not affiliated

Habbard's Hawks


Non-human characters




Sun Serpents


The Invisible World

Non-temporal homeworlds


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