List of human factions

During the several thousand years of history, human inhabitants have divided into several variously developed factions. The following article contains their listing.

The interstellar superpowers

The biggest factions of human race, occupying 47% of the entire galaxy.

The Republic

Currently, the biggest human civilization of the Cosmic Disk, occupying 19% of the planets and moons and consisting only native people. Formed nearly 8 thousand years ago, it is dedicated to explore and unite every planet that is available through the Planet Monuments - as some of them might be even considered a hostile environment, human safety can be guaranteed only through full secure of the network. They experience in space exploration as well, to fight the hostile alien forces, but interstellar travel is still not a walk in the park. Their state is separated to three easily distinguishable parts: The Main Ring, the Middle Clusters and the Borderrealm.

Their central homeland is Republic Haven.

The Free Heaven Movement

A movement of oppressed non-temporal people; an organization dedicated to the defeat of the Republic (occupying 17% of planets and moons) and end to the presumably forced unity of the planetary web, thus liberating both natives and non-temporals. The most significant enemy of the Republic within the Cosmic Disk, organizing a confederation of otherwise autonomous planets. Its army is craeated by volunteers of the member planets, acts as a highly effective border defending force.

Their central homeland is planet Poepra.

The Starcloud Nation

A loose but extremely large group of people (both native and non-temporal) living in space who refuse the use of Planet Monuments or living on planets at all. Consists of wide range of people, from space pirates, space miners, traders, mercenaries to gambling moguls. The Republic considers their existence illegal as they mean a huge threat to them. They are also assumed to trade on the black markets to improve their space exploration technology.

Their capital is a gigantic space station called Nebula City.

The Technologic Warzone

A portion of the Cosmic Disk, where an extremely rapid and conflict-incuded industrial and technological revolution took place, resulting in several fatal and several positive results of aforementioned advancement, including the rise of a new godlike entity. Despite the Warzone is significantly smaller than either the Republic or the Free Heaven Movement (covering only 12% of planets and moons), its logistical and innovational advancement makes it at extremely valuable and significant region of the galaxy, rising all four conflicting nations into the level of superpowers.

The Red Fist

An anti-Stalinist neo-communist community of natives and non-temporals, claiming that only true communism can bring the peace in the afterlife.

The Justice Empire

A neo-fascist empire of a new way of ideology, called the "way of justice". The Way of Justice appears in law in an extremely huge significance, with the general purpose of providing justice and fair treatment for the most loyal and dedicated members of the society, in exchange of the oppression of the "not selected" members of it, degrading them into slavery. Selection is based on an "eugenics pool" - people who are too far from it in their DNA features, who have ever attempted to resist to the Way are excluded from it, becoming slave-like workers. Same goes for every non-temporal people, but not based on DNA.

The "pool" is huge enough to avoid incest and to be able to resist riots, and is also opened to immigrants if they are loyal enough to the cause and don't differ significantly from the pool.

They are extremely militarized and wage war on several other nations, but their main enemy is their counterpart: the Red Fist. The two factions share the same planet, with an equator-like frontline through the entire surface.

The Church of the Cybergod

A fanatic sect of people who claim Anubis their god, serving its purposes and actions in every possible meaning. They are in a good relationship with the Future Empire, but in war with almost every other superpowers.

The Future Empire

An utopist technocracy based on the power of informational technology. Formed by the members of the creator team of a hacker OS which was developed to fight against an oppressive force that eventually created Anubis. After the Anubis Incident, they took over on the oppressors, dividing their homeland with the Church.

Other noteworthy organizations

The Cosmic Disk is habited not only by the intergalactic forces, but also by a huge amount of organizations, with varying areas of interest. Some has only a couple of planets and moons, while some exceed over thousands of annexed celestial bodies. Their system of alliance and hostility is extremely complex, though most of them are not a huge threat either to the Republic, the Free Heaven, any of the aliens or any of the TechWar Nations.

A complete list of these smaller governmental bodies can be found here.


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