List of notable space ships

This article contains all the notable space ships appearing the the Terminus Nation Universe, by factions.

For the sake of simplicity, every ship name is highlighted in italic.

Anubis, the Cybergod

Note: this paragraph refers to space ships not commanded by any faction, but by Anubis itself directly.

Skychapel Myrtes

Church of the Cybergod

Cloudan Confederacy

The Rhov

Other ships

Cloudan Screwer Militia


Drunken Marshall

The major flagship of the Militia, occupied by the two leaders: Immortal Albu and Ironfist Kane.

Queen's Sorrow

Flagship of the Chaos Marine Division.

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DEI Radzeer

Flagship of the Paracelsus Division.

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Other ships

Chaos Marine Division:

  • Thanatos Torpedo
  • Kronos
  • The Unforgiven
  • Damnations End
  • Pearl of the Cursed
  • The Tyrant Bull
  • Dragons Tooth
  • Flaming Owl
  • Cracker
  • Key of Purgatory
  • Spiked Unicorn

Scorched Earth Division:

Suppress Armor Division:

Paracelsus Division:

  • DEI Wägner
  • DEI Magnet
  • DEI Meteor
  • DEI Satellit
  • DEI Gustav
  • DEI Totenkopf
  • DEI Conqueror
  • DEI Jolly Roger
  • DEI Amelie
  • DEI Mortem
  • DEI Slagschiff
  • DEI Eisen

Mechanoid Division:

Exodus Division:

Free Heaven Movement

The Space Angels

Other ships

Future Empire

The Justice Empire

The Khali

The Möebius

The Republic


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