About me

My name is Zoltán Schmidt, but am better known on the internet as Katamori. Born in 1993, I'm jus a typical young adult from southwestern Hungary. I work as a software developer, formerly a student at the University of Pécs' Faculty of Natural Sciences (I intend to get a BSc degree at Business Information Technology, though not anymore).

I'm really passionate not only about programming and computer science, but in general about the Internet as well, and thus, I've been (and often still am) an active user of a bunch of sites.

I used to make a Hungarian Youtube gaming channel between 2009 and 2016 and I still have an inactive but not finished "career" in the same topic but in English since 2012.

I'm also a huge fan of certain videogames:

  • Doom franchise - in the last 5 years, I've created some maps, played at least hundreds of maps and mods, and also started analyzing the game's design aspects. Kind of the game engine to which I dedicated my entire life.
  • Deus Ex franchise - though I couldn't really get into modding this gem, its atmosphere is still the most inspirational thing I've ever encountered. I played all the major full-length mods of the first part (The Nameless Mod, Redsun2020, Nihilum and 2027) and loved all of them! Human Revolution was also great, though Invisible War was strong only in certain ideas.
  • The Binding of Isaac series - and everything from Edmund McMillen. (wip)
  • Anything from Blendo Games
  • Rimworld

For more information about me, visit my Github Pages site!

About Terminus Nation

Terminus Nation is my creation: a world in which I try to encompass every idea I've ever had regarding worldbuilding. Ever since I started watching cartoons at all, I've been keep on trying to find out worlds, full of stories, drama, conflicts, explosions, and all the rest of things I can find interesting.

I consider TN an aggregation, and as such, my ultimate final worldbuilding project for a lifetime.


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  • Atis1 - art

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