Nathaniel Adam Minkren

Nathaniel Adam Minkren

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Identikit about Red, released by the Republic Global Law Enforcement Division on 7851.R.D., after witnesses saw him on Borderrealm planet Zivoda.

Nathan Minkren (named Red in the SNSH Ranking, also known as Nathan, the Lightning Man in the Cosmic Disk, and Minkren the Hellspawn or Hellboy Minkren in the Thunderrealm) is a non-temporal inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk and the fourth member of the Gate Hunter Division. Originally born into the Nation of the Independent Ghost Hunter Troops, he was an unfortunate subject of an experimental weapon, that killed him, after which he became victim of a Remain Event, "resurrecting" on a colony of the Free Heaven Movement. He later joined Starcloud Nation and after spending nearly two centuries as a vagabond starman, he gained huge fame around the nations of the galaxy - though, after meeting Drake Daviau and his team, and a siege on a Starcloud city, he decided to join him to find the Gate.

Despite certain urban legends and overestimation, still Red was one of the strongest and most famous member of his team; his later actions drew huge attention towards the team that eventually was proven an essential help reaching their destination.

After the Gate Incident, he landed in the Thunderrealm, where he spent the rest of his life with Sanne Lund.

General informations

Nathan considers himself a man of "do-all"; anything that does not involve heavy face-to-face fights fit to his profile. Despite used to be involved in a huge variety of businesses, actions and operations during his rather long life, in the last 2 centuries before hit encounter with the Goldfire Duo, he has not been visited any planets, but was travelling only between Starcloud Cities.

His past actions made him exceptionally famous, but it was not only because of his smart and crafty moves, but his incredible power as well: he's known simply as the Lightning Man, but the SNSH ranking gave him the nickname Red. It's because unlike natural lightning bolts, those he casts are colored red.

"Red" Minkren is biologically 19 years old, but has been in the galaxy for 193 years, making him 211 years old at the beginning of the story, and 219 when the Gate Incident occured.

Background history

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Nathan was born as a noble of the N.I.G.H.T. - as the son of the leader of the organization at the time, he was the Chosen One of the Minkren Dynasty.

Early childhood

With his father having in an outstanding position, the young Nathan was in a favourable and lucky situation, growing up in a wealthy and nifty environment in the otherwise plain bunker of a hostile world. His mother died in a genetic disease when he was only four, scarring him for the rest of his childhood. Members of the N.I.G.H.T. nobility, specifically the Minkrens and the Hadoans claimed it was a major contribution factor in him not becoming a military officer like his father.

During the very basic physical education he got in this age, he met several relatives of him, including his grandfather, the previous leader of the organization.

Issues at the Academy

Death and resurrection

The championship

Nathan's first destination, after that, was planet Bera Nabmak.


Settling down in space



Nathan is comparably but not outstandingly tall (181 cm), yet rather thin facial features are associated with him; he has a typical pointed and narrow chin. He has white skin and a light red, almost orange colored hair as a distinctive feature; his hair is not outstandingly long but is grown well enough to reach his shoulders at back. His eyes are colored brown.


Red prefers to be shirtless, wearing only a pair of dark blue jeans and either some sort of black sandal or boots of the same color. Depending on the climate and the situation, he's willing to change it and put on some kind of shirt; he prefers short-sleeve plaid shirt.

Distinctive features

His light colored hair and shirtless outfit are basically differentiating him from the majority of humanity, but his unique tattoos are what can identify him without uncertainty: he has two black circles tattooed to the outer side of his both hands, from which a similarly black line goes out to the same side of his forearm and goes to the side of his biceps, curving down at the shoulders, ending at the nipples.

These lines contain extremely dense writing of Ethereal Runes, giving his unique abilities.

Seasonal and special clothing



  • This section is work in progress, potentially missing crucial informations.

Being an undpredictable and mysterious individual, Nathan's personality is hard to know fully or sometimes, even to describe by those who were ever interacting with him. On the surface, he's almost always friendly and outgoing: his extroverted nature gains attention around him usually quickly, even with his unusual appearance - and he indeed enjoys fame.

With his great friendliness, a carefree nature is also associated, noticeable on his calm, slightly slow speaking style and his typical gestures: unusually widely spreading his legs while sitting, walking in a stooping manner, rarely ever taking his hands out of his pockets, and so on. He's also moderately talented at manipulating other people for his purposes, what he exploits by rarely talking about himself or his past, and keeping up an apparent happiness accompanied with the aforementioned friendly nature to get close to people.

Below the surface, Nathan is less interested in things like fame or manipulation, and is extremely loyal to the "right people": his outgoing and positive attitude, combined with all the treacherous acts suffered during his childhood resulted in huge empathy and social awareness. These properties were huge contributing factors to his position in Nebula City, one of the unfriendliest settlements of the galaxy.

While enjoying fights and expressing passion during so, Nathan is heavily anti-militaristic (but not pacifist), strongly because of his childhood. It is especially apparent in his constant fights with , though it rarely ever had truly harmful impacts on their relationship. His attitude, however, causes some minor flaws for him: Nathan is constantly struggling about being demanding on his private environment, with the only focus being on his appearance.

Nathan is openly bisexual, usually preferring women; he uses this fact (associated with his reticence on the topic) perfectly to make people believe he's heterosexual, and thus, avoiding others' prejudice in situations when necessary.


Within the Gate Hunter Division

  • Drifter: Red maintains an outstandingly good relationship with him; the boy once even claimed that for him, Nathan is like an older brother. The two have a lot in common, and shares most of the passion in fun. In fact, it was Drifter's attitude that made Nathan join his crew in the first place.
  • Jelly: due to their initial meet and conflict in the Dragon Troopers HQ during its siege, Red has always had a somewhat overshadowed relationship with the Moebius girl. As a matter of fact, he saved her, which tells a lot, but Iria could never forget completely the incident - its only manifestation, however is in their civilian relationship.

Other characters of interest

  • Carrier: Red has got to meet Van Nitfrik when he departed to Nebula City, not long after his arrival on Nabdario. The two met in a pub and spent the night drinking and talking about various themes, after which Nathan gave him a contact for any case of need. Later on, the two had some minor contact in said context, making them "companion-in-arms" to an extent.
  • Enki: before his accident, Red has also met Enki, the later executor of "Kebechet" Anjema of the Scarab Node - in Turquoise Crabtown, he had a conflict in a local pub. Nathan quickly disarmed him after a minor verbal conflict, but nothing happened otherwise. He noted even at the time already that "Enki" has a problematic nature due to his hostility and disrespect towards human life.



Red is a human Faraday-cage: his skin (including both epidermis and the deeper sections) bears capacitor abilities, storing every electricity it gets upon contact at any body parts and discharging at will - except at the nipples, which are subject to spontaneous electric arcs. This ability applies to every outer body parts, including the eyeballs, the teeth, the tongue, the lips, every type of hair and his privates.

The inner side of the skin (the hypodermis) acts as a non-conductor layer, providing complete protection for every inner body parts from electric injuries. This, combined with the instant electricity-absorbing feature of the outer parts make Nathan completely invulnerable (though mildly sensitive) to any electric actions. Since the epidermis has become not only a storing material but also a near-perfect conductor, heating caused by resistor, is completely eliminated - which is a lucky condition since Nathan's material modification does not give him heat resistance.


Goals, aims

Passions and hated things


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