Neocairo is the most important autonomous planet and the secondary center of the machine cult known as the Church of the Cybergod. The majority of the planet is covered by harsh deserts, thus the capital city is the only significant town on its surface. The downtown of Neocairo is partially formed within the borders of the old kingdom's capital city. Several ruins of this were destroyed, so the scenery of the city is completely different, than it used to be during the Kingdom Era.


Planet Monument Portals

Warp type Portal type Destination
Bidirectional (type 1) Gaia-96
Bidirectional (type 1) Noshak Ra
Bidirectional (type 3) Krepo Nex
Bidirectional (type 3) Vaiapel
Triangular (type 6) inwards towards Galadiuv outwards from Velpoza
Triangular (type 6) inwards towards Gokhe outwards from Vuvek
Triangular (type 6) inwards towards Obcao outwards from Uasa
Colorless 1 (type 13) 44d open, 4d close UNDETERMINABLE

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Neocairo was originally ruled by a religious kingdom that was a member of the Free Heaven Movement. They ruled through 2000 years until the Church appeared and peacefully started expanding its activity within the kingdom. The paranoia of the Free Heaven alliance led to increasing tensions between them and the Church that finally burst out in a war. Eventually, the Church conquered Neocairo and started modernizing it. Both the hostile takeover and the aggressive destruction of several valuable historical monuments have ultimately ruined the relationship of the Movement and the Church; however, the strategic significance of the planet gave a huge boost to the power of the latter.


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