Non-temporal people


The place where we go after death has been imagined and understood in many different ways during human history - most of which was quite limited and therefore, false.

The real life after death does not happen in an enormous repository for human souls; instead, every people are practically randomly relocated to an alternate universe. Usually, these are similar to the picture of the Universe we already know - galaxies, cosmic clouds, black holes, stars, planets, without or with vegetation, animals and even civilizations. The difference is the complete lack of concepts of passing such as death or aging among those who are not natives to the new world. If a newcomer, called "non-temporal human" in general dies, s(he) reborns randomly somewhere in the universe in the same form as s(he) died the very first time. This takes forever, and this is the non-temporal's fate to the rest of existence, without any signs of aging even after reborn.

Obviously, different people from different places reacts to their new state differently, thus forming an extremely wide set of societies, organizations, sects, armies, groups and civilizations with various size in area of interest. Not all are connected to each other or even the world beyond their home planet, but most seek and support those who appear within the area of interest during a reborn phase. However, non-temporals are integrated into the native society very often; the opinion of those about the non-temporals are varying, though.



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Recursive non-temporal people

Non-temporal people and natives


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