Orbiting around an unnamed dual star relatively near to the Beacon World, Ontenedis is one of the innermost habitable planets of the Cosmic Disk. It's the only planet around its stars (that the natives call Shoal and Mereid), but owns six celestial bodies (named as Bren, Deol, Gu, Los, Abi and Qze, by the locals), constantly varying coastlines.



The planet has one gigantic continent on the upper hemisphere, and a similarly gigantic endless ocean on the lower one. The archipelagos of the lower sea have varying climates, while the continent is covered by rainforests on the 87% of its surface – the rest consist of extremely tall mountains, the icecaps at north, various fields, seas and the ever-changing coastline of the sea. This is the result of an extremely long evolution and constant change of the global climate system that finally stabilized on a tropic level, making a huge portion of the upper hemisphere constantly hot and damp. In result, extremely tall trees have evolved, and some tropic plants also changed to accommodate to less tropic environments, making variants of the tropic life spread across the entire continents, covering it in a contiguous forest, filled by an enormous range of flora and fauna.

Planet Monument portals

Ontenedis' Planet Monument contains seven spatial warps; their types and destinations are explained in the table below.

The Monument itself stands on an empty and barren plateau, which gives nesting place to several giant predatory species. These creatures wander in the surrounding forests for food, but also seem to guard the Monument, making transport through the spatial warps highly impractical. Despite this, the Republic has had several attempts to enter and secure its Monument, but was unsuccessful at doing that – REPLEV8 gates are still secured from the other side where it's necessary.

Warp type Portal type Destination
Triangular (type 4) inward towards Ckopel outwards from Antarea
Triangular (type 4) inward towards ??? outwards from ???
Triangular (type 4) inward towards ??? outwards from ???
One-way (type 8) ending site from Boq —-

(Note: "???" means that the connections are so far undecided. Currently [11-29-2015], I don't have a proper map of the Planet Monument Web.)

TechWar interest

Two of the TechWar nations found interest in this planet: the Red Fist wants to exploit the native tribes to expand and gaining an enormous source of food and water supply; while the Future Empire has discovered the gravitational anomaly within the chasms and wishes to explore and analyze it. Both has a very hard logistic access to the planet, just like everyone else, but while the former learnt the means to move underground, the latter usually attempts to tame the omnivores to stay alive and reach the jungle.



  • Gel'weygh: or simply, the Rainforest. It is the name the local insectoid tribes gave to the vegetation covering the upper continent, but usually use this to the whole upper continent itself.
  • Endless Wave: or simply, the Ocean. The name native Sun Serpent tribes gave to the ocean down. A regular, yet enormous ocean, filled with a handful of flora and fauna, providing enough food to the population of the archipelagos. Rumors say about gigantic water monsters, but it much less of a trouble for the jungle tribes than the constant change of the sea level at coasts.
  • Coast of Bones: a chaotic set of barren mountains, peaks, plateaus, canyons, chasms and cliffs, caused by the constantly changing sea level by the moons. It separates the Rainforest and the Endless Wave. It is an extremely dangerous region, making contact with the sea virtually impossible – only a few mountain tribes could survive and provide transport between the two regions. Vagabonds often wander in this region to find hidden treasures and animals, but several of them dies or gets lost.
  • Swamplands: the collective name of a unified region of the Rainforest. This region is closed by forestall cliffs and other natural blockades that prevents the water bodies of this place to flow constantly, resulting a swampy mangrove-like area. As this place is barely habitable, only a few very tough tribes, and only the strongest necrophagous animals could survive here for long.
  • Archipelago Belt: *wip*
  • The Great Northern Frost: *wip*
  • The Greater Southern Frost: *wip*
  • The Inner World: Ontenedis' biggest secret that only a very few tribes know.

Exact locations

  • Anthill City: hometown of the Redteeth Tribe.
  • Black City: an abandoned set of buildings (either a city or a complex) that are surrounding the Obelisk.
  • Field of the Sun Hill: homeland of the Sun Human Tribe.
  • Harvester Mountain: an enormous mountain and the surrounding ridge; the only major mountainous formation of the surface of Ontenedis. Its underground caverns provide nesting place and home for an extreme amount of Harvesters; an only theoretically existing Shaper device exists within the main peak that prevents Harvesters eating each other near this place.
  • Horizon Archipelago: a set of islands with extremely tall cliffs; the most famous, yet only one-way path from the Rainforest to the Ocean.
  • Horizon City: a small town built on the side and the top of the Mt. Horizon, next to the archipelago of the same name. It is the sole city of the Fishbone Tribe.
  • Memorial Plateau: the mountainous cliff within the Rainforest where the Ontenedis Planet Monument is found. Guarded by several Harvesters, it is almost inaccessible. Most of the tribes handle both the Monument and the guards as holy creatures.
  • Mushroom Palace: the biggest tree of the swamplands of the Rainforest; a long time dead tree. This is the home city of the Mushroom Trader Tribe.
  • Sandwood City: a gigantic rain-free zone somewhere near to the Harvester Mountain. The city is built into the triangle of three gigantic, now dead trees – and into the trees as well. The whole place is protected from rain by a complex canal system, and only refined water is consumed and used here.
  • Thread City: hometown of the Rope Weaver Tribe.
  • Upperfall: an enormous fountain in the Inner World, caused by the flow of the sea water into that from a seabed chasm in the Ocean. It is the sole source of water in that part of the planet.


The isolated and the moreover, artifically modified nature of the planet has changed physical, chemical, biological and sociological circumstances on its surface (and even below) drastically.


Ontenedis bears an extensive and deep culture of tribal living habids, forming a vivid and constantly changing cultural system.

The details are in the "Tribes of Ontenedis" article.

The Shaper Obelisk

On the planet, somewhere deeply in the jungle, a Shaper Obelisk is found. The Republic is skeptical about its existence; though the Stacloud Nation wishes it to use as a jumping point to the Beacon World – it has no real threat to that as it's accessible only through the legendary Obelisk Planet, and this Obelisk has a different destination.

This destination woke up the interest of the alien races though; the Obelisk leads to a forgotten Sun Serpent planet far in the Invisible World. The Cloudans demand it to use it a contact between the Cosmic Disk and the Invisible World to expand their realm. The Sun Serpents consider the planet their heritage as Behereib belongs to their history and culture and the only reach of it is the Ontenedis Obelisk. Additionally, the Aurosts also want to explore Behereib to find clues about the whereabouts of Regh and Zychton.


There are several supernatural events either exclusively related to Ontenedis, or firstly documented here - caused either by the Shaper technology, the unique way of evolution and climate change or the hidden portals themselves.

These are explained in "Supernatural phenomena of Ontenedis" article.





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