Parasite ship

A parasite ship is a military-grade space ship design of alien origin, focused on biomechanical component design, electric propulsion systems, and most importantly, an efficient method of mass-destructing coal-based life forms. Originally proposed by the Cloudan military against their war on humanity, over time it has been replicated and/ore recycled by the Dark Machine and even some human factions - through in case of the latter, only for emergency usage.




Parasite ships, regardless of the technology used in manufacturing, are universally of cuboid shape, with thickened supporting beams at the edges. The sides are grated for easing the ejection of the so-called "cloud".


Ship control

Operation of a parasite ship needs only one individual - at the cost of that person being nervely attached to the control system. It's because the design of parasite ships involve a semi-autonomous control system, in order to decrease overhead on the weapons and maximize cargo hold size. Moreover, this way, the "pilot" of the ship feels like becoming one with it, putting demand on his neurobiological capabilites, like focus, perception and motion.




Each room of the cargo hold is equipped with a material moving system - this varies depending on implementation, from conveyor belts, to a chain of spoon-like containers.


The parasite ship's design focuses on one major weapon system, and a handful of small ones, solely for defense purposes.

The central weapon system functions more like a generator, rather than a weapon. When the logistics of the cargo are activated, organic materials enter this generator area, where, during a complex chain of refining processes, a "containment material" is produced. This is then pushed through a series of filters and canisters, at the end of which a decompression chamber gasifies the (now toxic) material, producing he so-called"cloud". At this point, the "cloud" is then loaded to a series of tanks right behind the grating on the sides, and put under high-pressure.

When the control system indicates that the tanks are full, an automatic system (independent of the pilot) opens the grates, exposing the tanks and releasing the "cloud" - this phase is considered the activation of the weapon, and can take up to one hour. While the tanks themselves are vulnerable at this point, it is usually counteracted by the fast mortality caused by the nature of the attack.

The defense mechanisms consist of subtle methods, such as automated cannons on the bottom the edges, an automatic lock system and a small amount of cloud for internal usage to prevent infiltration, and a very simple anti-bullet energy shield, with low diffraction rate, in exchange of an exceptionally thrifty usage of electricity.



While considered a space ship, for its capabilities of resisting conditions in space, the weak propulsion system (and the consequential drop in speed) usually renders parasite ships rarely suitable for space travel.

The "cloud"



The majority of the factions, aliens and humans alike, consider parasite ships high-tier weapons of mass destruction, and as such, discourage, and usually even ban the use of such weapons.

High-tier WMDs are rarely ever deployed even in the most militarized factions due to their unpredictable and merciless nature, often causing significant casualties even on the side of its users.

The Dark Machine has no known restriction on the usage of such weapons.

Notable historical examples

  • The Dark Machine utilized parasite ships against the human race several times. One of the most notable incidents were the takeover on Onbon Za in 5764.R.D., when only parasite ship could liquidate the defense around the Planet Monument, allowing a much faster victory.


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