Reaper Duo

The Reaper Duo is a headhunter pair that is wandering within the galaxy, living on the bounty of several dangerous (often non-temporal) criminals. Similarly to the Goldfire Duo, it is a male-female pair.

The male member is a 32-years-old Bram Van Nitfrik, a former detective, who after his resurrection worked for some months as an engineer for the Future Empire.

The female member is a 28-years-old Lora Monte, a mudered housewife, who after resurrection, used to live as a sharpshooter of a localized bandit gang.

Both are recorded in the SNSH list, with the names Carrier and Siphon, respectively, after becoming famous galaxy-wide for defeating the famous Joah "Reaper" Sebko, a sadistic executor of the Justice Empire and the occupant leader of the Makviis colony, formerly of the Free Heaven Movement.



Defeating Reaper

Back in 7877.R.D., Sebko assassinated the major of the Makviis colony of the Free Heaven Movement, causing an upheaval that eventually led a hostile takeover of the JE on the planet.

Makviis was inhabited by mostly non-temporal people, who have always been chased by the JE, leading a planet-wise terror wave, involving internment and forced labor camps, crowded prisons and countless interrogation and torture chambers. The entire occupation was led and organized by Sebko.

Monte and van Nitfrik were initially visiting the colony for a minor bounty, but eventually trapped there during and after the upheaval. Following a series of confrontations, encounters, partisan operations and lurking in rural areas, outskirts and the wilderness, the duo joined a group of rebel forces who besieged the capital.

The streets were quickly cleared, but the confusion provided a huge opportunity for the duo to infiltrate the HQ and in a fierce conflict, defeat Sebko.

After the liberation of Makviis, the couple became known as the "Reaper Duo" and got a huge series of awards and honours of the Movement. Until the Gate Incident in 7910.R.D., they went on their headhuner activity, but from that point on, with heavily affiliations of the Free Heaven Movement.



Free Heaven Movement

Justice Empire

The Cloudan Screwer Militia



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