Roimata Anjema

Roimata Anjema (nicknamed Anma for short, named Kebechet in the SNSH Ranking) was a born Deliverer and the leader of the Scarab Node, a transhumanist militaristic organization within Anubis' Gatekeepers. It operated as a semi-autonomous squad within the Gatekeepers and uniquely, accepted orders strictly from Anubis itself.

Anjema could achieve significant privileges such as this one through her extreme loyalty to the Cybergod and the Church. She desired to join the Ptah, the middle level of Anubis' personal army, but this aim was never succeeded. In 7902.R.D., Anma confronted the Goldfire Duo who successfully reached the Scarab Node HQ on Makotari Borra and defeated (and eventually killed) her.

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Anjema is the daughter of Roimata Thueban Ramil, a.k.a. Anput, a weaver of Ezri origins from the Wooden Troopland who was selected by Anubis to be the mother of a genetically engineered, neurally augmented baby - a Deliverer, who's going to spread the word of the Church around the galaxy.

Practically, she was born as a daughter of the Cybergod - a fact that haunted her through her entire life.

Guards of the Deliverer

Anjema was raised by her mother, with the mindset of becoming the leader of a small, but militarized nation under the symbol of the Cybergod - the Scarab Node. Ramil grew quiet aggressive and stressful during these days that heavily influenced her daughter's life too. At six, she was already an assistant, often giving orders of executing prisoners and various enemies. In exchange, members of the organizations had an oath for unconditional loyalty not only towards Anubis and Ramill, but Anjema, and every single member of the Roimata family within the boundaries of the army.

As time went on, Anjema was growing more aggressive, dedicated, but her permanent lack of peaceful company quickly led to deviant behaviours and features.

The Suffering

By the age of 14, Anjema became very hard to work with within the Scarab Node. While she had extreme loyalty and obedience towards her mother and Anubis, she had extremely violent acts against their enemies, quickly gaining her infamy. The problem occurred when it was obvious she had no mercy towards her fellows neither. Stabbing, secret tortures and drunken brawls were perfectly ordinary in her case.

This led to a burst-out by the side of Ramil, who imprisoned her for a prolonged period, in perfect solitude. This was probably the biggest mental injury in her life, as she had no chance to talk to her (actually heavily beloved) mother anymore - about 9 weeks later, a Republic assault occurred, besieging Krevo Angari, in which Ramil was murdered.

By obvious reasons, several officers within the Scarab Node afraid of, and even hated her, leading fierce controversies about the future of the squad. The final decision was done by a group of officers in ranking equal to sergeants who, considering the impending danger from the Republic, decided to hand over the leadership to the one who deserved it: Anjema.

Oath of Blood

A group of the 20 bravest and most dedicated members entered Anjema's holding cell, bowing down, vowing an absolutely self-sacrificing, unconditional and entirely merciless oath towards her, in exchange of an amnesty for the "crimes" they committed - and a blood founded bond, free of her, and each other's violence.

Anjema accepted this slightly sacral and idolizing alliance, which set the organization upside down - on the day of her release, Anjema tortured and publicly executed all the worst enemies of her within the squad, hanging their bodies at the entrance of the Scarab Node fort of the headquarters. As a second step, she moved out of said HQ and founded new, even bigger one on Makotari Borra - yet, the wildest act was back.

She had a very intense, long-term, and fundamental plan: the Scarab Node already supported and utilized augmented weaponry, Anjema raised it to a whole new level: transformed every single soldier, including rookies and other incoming members at least partially nano-augmented. In a slow but steady and constant process, everyone was upgraded to biomechanical killing machines, who, then, almost unintentionally, slowly started following and imitating the personality traits of their leader.

By 7901.R.D., Scarab Node became widely-known across the galaxy, even with the relatively small size of their empire. Their success, beyond the almost abnormal rate of transhumanist biomodifications, laid in Anjema's strict but strong relationships with other nations and companies, including the one practically stuck on planet Senzaka. This led to an offer from Anubis to improve the army's position within its personal army, and after three decades, raise it from Anubis' Gatekeepers to the infamous Ptah division.

In the Goldfire Duo storyline

Spitting in the soup

After Anubis' offer, Anjema decided to expand and take revenge on her mother's death - as a first step, she started gaining influence on Epte Merinos, a central planet of the Republic, a major station of space exploration. And indeed: during the year, the mafia started gaining power under her control, in alliance with augmented people from the Church of the Cybergod. Smuggling, money washing and other businesses quickly reached poorer planets of the Republic in the way, but on a certain planet, it suddenly stuck as two of their most professional "bricks" were suddenly killed by local criminals.

It did not much time for Anjema to reveal the identity of them - a former Velian gang member, the drifter Drake Daviau, and a recently arrived non-temporal woman, Shiori Zaian were the perpetrators. At the time, their actions had no huge visibility, yet, being a vindictive personality, Anjema was already planning a revenge they deserve - thus, she ordered her people to keep an eye on them.


The arrival of the duo on Epte Merinos provided a great opportunity for her. […]

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