Sanne Lund

Sanne Lund (also known as The Last of the Lunds, The Macehand Girl, or Mace-handed Sanne) is a female Lightning Human from the Thunderrealm, who was formerly the member of the Lund Family. She used to live in semi-slavery, which turned out to become an exiled state after she acquired the Firemace. She became free when "Red" Minkren arrived the world and after some minor conflicts, olbiterated the organization's headquarters.

She spent the rest of her life in the company of Minkren.

General informations

Background history


Sanne is the daughter of an eosian farmer mother and an Oekbel warrior father; by the latter, she has been automatically and immediately recognized as an everlasting member of the Lund Family, one of the several Crime Clans all around the Skargard Kingdom.

The youngest Lund daughter has lost her father before becoming only some months old, as he was killed during a siege in which the Oekbel was involved. Usually, widows with daughters as only children were both executed in Crime Clans, but Sanne and her mother have survived, as the young girl had comparably close family relationship to Alg - the cousin of her father, and most importantly, the leader of the Lund Family at the time.

Stem of rebellion

Indeed, Sanne had the bond in blood that could have made her a full member of the Lund Family, but her mother did not, and moreover: in the local culture, two female has never even remotely been viewed as valuable as an Oekbel warrior male. The consequence was that despite Alg attempted to foster Sanne as his own daughter, the leader has always felt that little girl as a burden that his cousin left because of his own incompetence on the battlefield.

As time was going on, and tensions within the Clan were increasing, Alg started to feel scorn towards Lille and Sanne, which resulted in a scenario that was typical within the Crime Clans: inner slavery. From the age of 4, Sanne was treated like a prisoner, always forced to do any labor she could. Lille was not an exception, and eventually, the two met only for the short periods of sleep at night.

The young daughter has suffered a lot, but was always told that this is, what she is responsible for. That has changed at 8, when she was allowed by Alg to go to school regularly, and learn only the very basics of writing, reading and counting, for better working efficiency.

Fleeing with the riot

Alg has underestimated his cousin's daughter, when he send her among the other Lund children: she was extremely ostracized as the others despised her for being "a fatherless slave". On the other hand, she has quickly noticed and realized that the nature of her state is abnormal and that both she and her mother are oppressed, and by the girl's own related ones.

As tensions were similarly increasing within the Clan, the young teen Sanne has caused more and more trouble for the rest: stealing, denial of order, assault towards personnel and other children. She was soon detained into a separated cell and left alone for days as a really strict, yet non-lethal punishment - but she has got the chance to escape.

Renegades locked one of the bastions of the Clan's HQ and used it to gather equipment and resources to escape; during this riot, they have also found and freed the 12-years-old Sanne and her mother.

The dark side of the Realm

The rebels could reach the far end of Astrapi, but there was only one state of the Chazco Federacy, which was willing to accept the presence of dozens of so-called snavs: the Craterworld. Here all of them lived in appalling conditions because of the lack of proper local infrastructure to feed anyone else beyond themselves. Diseases, malnutrition and crowded slums were very common here, and Lille's health has dropped huge while she tried to keep her daughter healthy.

Given these facts, it was not surprising that when a marauding Oekbel fleet has attempted to besiege Craterworld, the separatists were quickly located and completely destroyed, with their village being obliterated and burnt to the ground.

The 14-years-old Sanne and her mother, on the other hand, has not waited this day, but escaped during the siege, and started wandering on the edge of the Thunderrealm.

Spending only a minimal amount of time (with a lot of refusal) in Diamond Coast and in the Fire Shark Tribe, she and Lille has landed in the Gatekeeper land, where they could finally spend some calm and rather happy years - but misfortune has again stricken on the Lund girl.

Mace warrior of the Thundergod

When Sanne was 16, another rush of an Oekbel fleet reached her village, what she could survive, but the attackers took several captives, including Lille, Sanne's mother. As she had some basic understanding of fighting with melee weapons and using Runes to cast lightning, Sanne decided to improve her abilities and earn money for equipment by hunting the Forgotten Ones, to save her mother.

She wandered in the wasteland for three months, during which she has achieved various successes, the most important of which was killing Urkhul, a Forgotten One. He was the previous owner of the Firemace, one of the six God Tools, which was the property of Sanne from that point for the rest of her life.

After learning about the power of the Firemace, Lund has returned to the northwestern coast of the Gatekeeper Land, where she was informed about that Lille is alive, and the Lund Family itself brought her back to their fort in Pacific Bay.

This happened slightly more than a month before she met Minkren; during this time, she has traveled through the western coastline of the Gatekeeper Land and the eastern of the Campland of the Legion, keeping an eye on the events in the nearby Crime Clan headquarters, constantly preparing for her ultimate revenge.

History during the Thunderrealm Saga

Initial meet

Red met Sanne the first time in Azmar, the Campland city which is the closest the entrance of the Pacific Bay. The girl was 17 years old at that time.

The abduction


Hellspawn Rising


The Path


Tessera & the God Orb




Sanne is a born eosian person; thus, wearing the typical traits, such as deep blue eyes, typically white and soft skin, naturally orange-reddish colored hair, distinctively thin arms and average height.

Like the majority of bybo women, she has moderately short hair, that barely reached her shoulders. One large but shorter cut portion was kept to cover her forehead.

Like every God Tool user, Sanne also has a special tattoo on her body: a circle around her neck, ending in a precise circle above her cleavage, resembling a necklace.




Goals, aims

Passions and hated things


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