Sentinels (Ontenedis)

The Sentinels are the currently dominating arthropod race of the Inner World on planet Ontenedis. They were bioengineered by the Shapers; the purpose was to create species that can be used by any sentient race (preferably humans) for a huge variety of applications, yet keeps being able even to extirpate them.

After conflicts among humans of the Inner World escalated, they were triggered, becoming wild and hostile, wiping out human presence from that region.


Their body consists of 4 main parts: the head that is rising high; a long torso making out of 2 connected parts: the upper one bows upwards to keep their head high, while the lower one stands horizontally, making contact with the abdomen.

They have 6 pairs of legs: two goes out of the upper torso, one pair ending in retractable curved blades, and one pair ending in an extremely small set of claws. One pair goes from the lower torso, and the rest are from the abdomen, solely used for walking. Their head has 4 antennas to detect even the slightest vibrations; they have 2 larger and 14 smaller, point-like eyes, providing 270 degrees of vision range.

Their mouth is made out of a pair of claw-like protrusion (used for grabbing food) and several tiny thread-like tentacles, used for digesting and imbibing.

Their entire body is covered in multiple layers of chitinous sheets that grow upwards, making the animals shedding the outmost plates once a month. The coloration of their shell is varying, but usually varies from grey-ish brown to bright brown, with various colorations of green, yellow, brown and black. Their lower torso is comparably small and always colored black.

Regarding size, they can stand up to 2 meters with their torso, while the length of their entire body spans between 7 and 10 meters. Their weight is more varying but in most cases exceed one metric ton.






People, Sun Serpents and local arthropod being could all find practical approaches to exploit the Sentinels: their power combined with the insects' natural agility, and even the only moderate capability of climbing was proven to be beneficial in the huge vertical differences of the jungle.

Writing, carvings and other sources in various ruins indicate that Sentinels were used for military purposes even preceding the Age of Tribes - against the local Sun Serpents at first. Hence the naming: their perception and agility made them great scouts while their power came into account when they were serving as guards.


Humans, though exploit all the possible functionalities explained above, additionally use young (usually pre-metamorphosis) Sentinels as pets; during the millenias, humans have also learned balancing out these insects' wild nature. In fact, in the earlier Insect Tamer Tribe, they were not even considered wild animals.



Predecessors of the Insect Tamer Tribe dedicated their lives, all their resource and even their cultural heritage to protect, care, raise up, feed and live in harmony with the Sentinels.


Regarding the story, their importance appear at Shiori "Amazon" Zaian, as her entire life was dedicated to this race - and later, both her "death" and her return led situations that influenced the outcome of her team's path.



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