Shadow Legion of Caidox

The Shadow Legion of Caidox (usually shortened Shadow Legion) was a militarist alternate-tech based organization and the founder of the Shadow Conglomerate. Founded on Caidox, it was the most important pioneer of the Meta-lux branch, creating a prospering school of engineering, scientific principles and research.

It was a member of the Free Heaven Movement until the Ghost Incident, after which it was excluded and weakened - the dual war it had to wage put the organization into a state of constant decline, until the fall of the capital, Caidox in 7534.R.D. - N.I.G.H.T. is considered the only successor of the legion.

Brief overview


Early decades

Following the FE-COTC Unity Pact, several great scientists of both factions could focus on new researches and the ever-existing concept of "reinventing the wheel" has motivated the Future Empire to fund exploration and R&D attempts. Caidox, a planet rich of an otherwise rare and barely-known mineral called Kopferit has already been the focus of several nations, but was still uninhabited, and despite secret Future Empire R&D settlements were built in the 70th century, state-like formations were still not made, because of the assumed threat of the unstable Planet Monument portals.

Local scientists, though, could find several breakthroughs in the use of Kopferit, and after Future Empire allowed them to monetize some of their inventions, they decided to continue of a separate path, hiring soldiers from Sons of the Ring - as the two cultures merged, a small but extremely stable organization rose up, and with the declaration of the Shadow Legion in 7013.R.D., they slowly started expanding, and a year later, they took control over the Planet Monument as well.

*to be continued*

Member of the Movement

The Ghost Incident and the decline

Single-planet nation and the N.I.G.H.T.

The fall




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