Shiori Akkuar Zaian

Shiori Zaian (named Amazon in the SNSH Ranking) is a non-temporal inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk. She was teleported to planet Vel by the Sentinel Overmind after being tortured, rendering her shocked and partially, mentally handicapped; he was initially chased, later allied by Drifter, until one of their affairs with the mafia shook her out of misery and she became so ambitious that she decided to join his fellow in his ultimate quest for finding the Gate.

General information

Shiori, being an elite warrior of a tribe is a well-trained and hardened young adult woman. She also used to be considered charming among the male members of her former tribe; her warlike and self-confident attitude is unusual within the Republic, though. Thus, when she was recorded to the SNSH list, she was nicknamed as Amazon, referring to the dominant female warriors of Greek mythology.

Shiori is biologically 22 years old, meeting Drake quite early, so her chronological age is not drastically different from her biological one; in this aspect, she was 30 when she and Drake approached the Gate.

Background history


Shiori was born into a planet that is covered by an endless sea on the south, and a gigantic contiguous rainforest on the north – it was later revealed that this planet is within the Cosmic Disk. She is the daughter of a hunter father and a healer mother. She has never met them, as former deceased before her birth, and the latter has left the tribe soon after the girl was taken away by the shamans.

"A prodigy joined this Land"

Shiori was born with an extraordinary feature: a rare mineral shard was formed in her right thigh; shamans of her tribe revealed that it can equip her with special abilities as it amplifies the efficiency of Ethereal Energy Channeling. Consequently, she was taken from her mother and she was raised in a special school for warriors and shamans. During her young years, she learnt the basics of fighting, hunting, and Rune Focusing. She was trained to be a Sentinel Summoner: a person who's capable of casting spells that create, call and/or control Sentinels, a mysterious subspecies of insects the tribespeople used for fighting, works and as pets as well.

The betrayed Summoner

After years of extended learning and scholarship, Shiori was trained to be an extremely efficient elite warrior, and at 18, she officially became a summoner shaman. She was finally fully capable of controlling her power gained by the crystal. For a year and a half, she enjoyed her fulfilled life, helping her tribe by taming Sentinels, hunting for food and fighting the enemies. It was not long however, as the real enemies were within.

After that period, a sudden act of betrayal made the tribe divide into two: a small group of separatists either killed Shiori's best friends or abducted all of them to form a new tribe; some were gone on their own. The elder shamans, those who have trained and controlled her like a puppet during her life, were not dealing with the situation and decided to rebuild the tribe with the remaining population.

Shiori was unable to accept the fact she's practically thrown away by her former masters so losing all her bonds, she left the tribe. She became a wanderer of the forest, being hated because of the power she was born with – none of the tribes allowed her to join them, so she spent the majority of her life in solitude, among her beloved Sentinels and the rest of the animals.


At 22, she was able to find the separatists, who, however, claimed the Sentinels became hostile because they saw a potential threat in the power of Shiori. Blaming her, they thought the Sentinels won't stop while the girl is alive; thus, one day they defeated and kidnapped her, brought her to an altar dedicated to the main leader of the Sentinels and being worried of the Sentinels' revenge they attempted to sacrifice her for them.

It was proven to be a fatal mistake; the rebels were less talented tamers, thus they were unable to evaluate the Sentinels' behaviour properly. What they thought to be an assault on both tribes was actually only a self-defence act; the rebels, during their escape, entered a huge nesting area of the Sentinels, making them angry. Moreover, Shiori was extremely important for the Sentinel Overmind, being at the time (as all the other Summoners within the tribe were killed) the only connection between humans and the Sentinel race.

When Shiori was about to die, and the ritual reached the part when the Overmind was called, it immediately fell into shock and anger - in a response, it initiated a catastrophic chain of event, known as Old World's Twilight. The Overmind initiated a complete genocide on every (even non-human) tribe, slowly exiling them from the Inner World - before this happened, however, it used its abilities to teleport Shiori out.

Because of the circumstances of the ritual, it resulted a Remain Event, making her non-temporal, but also keeping her an inhabitant of the Cosmic Disk.



Shiori is an outstandingly tall (186 cm) young woman with strong Caucasian features. Her skin is despite a bit darker, than the average is still white; while she has light blue eyes and blonde hair. She is slim, with well-defined, yet not muscular curves. Her breasts are comparably large, but it is not outstanding from the average, and also, her clothing hides this feature well enough. Her hair has some larger tresses which are comparably short, so they hardly reach her shoulders.


Shiori wears her tribalwears almost exclusively. These clothing are dark brown in colors and made out of the Sentinels's skin; it's a special material, so by manually stretching and dragging, she can make it loose or tight. Her upper wear goes through only her right shoulder, leaving her left cleavage exposed; on her shoulder, an armored chitinous plate is placed, instead of a stripe of leather. This upper wear goes down below her chest, leaving her belly and navel exposed. The lower wear is almost identical to a skirt; it goes from her hip down to her knees, leaving her right leg exposed through a smaller cut, to provide comfort of movement. Her footwear is a pair of wooden sandals.

Distinctive features

Shiori's only and most remarkable physical uniqueness is her right leg: it is tattooed from her ankle up to the end of her thigh - her buttocks and intimate regions are unaffected. This tattoo is an extremely complex set of Ethereal Rune writings, written in black - this amplifies her EEC power.

Seasonal and special clothing



Basically, a cheerful, happy and careless, yet morally good person. She has no regard for the details of the often stricter rules, making her acts controversial and bringing her to the borderline of good and evil. (imagine her as a Neutral Good character :P) Extremely confident and ambitious, never letting anyone making her unsure, but in some fields she can't hide her inexperience – for example, she handles modern technology (any electricity) really hard, often needing others' help.

Extremely suspicious towards strangers, often being shy, what she expresses with mean and uninterested behavior. She can become calm and carefree only when she's among her friends. It also should be noted that as a consequence of both her painful destiny and her prolonged deprivation of human relationships (and love), she suffers mild depression and PTSD, which symptoms were much stronger during her presence on Vel. This changed only by the constant and persistent help of Drake, resulting a close and deep relationship between the two.

Obsessive about insects, esoteric phenomena and her appearance.


Ethereal abilities

Like most of the SNSH ranked people, Shiori is a user of various Ethereal Energy Channeling techniques; what makes her special, though, is that her right leg: the combination of the Mazetit crystal in her right femur, and the various Ethereal Rune scripts on her skin there amplifies her Rune Focusing potentials. This amplification is noticeable by the concentration of Mazetit molecules in her blood flow, which is constantly and almost periodically changing. This mineral is capable of keeping a resonance of the human brain waves, releasing amount of Ethereal Energy from themselves that can be used in operations by Rune Focusing.

By this, Shiori is extremely efficient at EEC operations regarding her own body; thus, she has a lot of such abilities. Shiori…

  • can heal her own wounds and with limited efficiency, others' wounds as well;
  • increase the muscular power of her right leg (or with limited efficiency, any of her limbs) to perform higher or ever double jumps;
  • can increase her own brain activity to improve her reflexes;
  • use the mineral energy to sustain her life functions, thus surviving potentially lethal situations (such as being without oxygen for an hour);
  • has a sense by which she can feel the presence of arthropods up to 100 meters;
  • can turn off or amplify various senses (even beyond the 5 basic ones like pain) to a certain degree;
  • can change the composition of her skin to make herself inanimate but practically bulletproof;
  • and can improvise any other smaller body-affecting techniques in critical situations.

Beyond changing properties of her own body, Shiori has a small number of specialized casting abilities as well, though these are less efficient. (all names are SNSH-given)

  • Squib Cast – Shiori can create various energy orbs in the air around her head, which she can then manage to fly and impact with high velocity. She often combines this ability with her blowpipe.
  • Wormhole – She used to use this ability to teleport a random Sentinel from her larger (kilometers of) vicinity to her; since she left Ontenedis, this does not work, though. Instead, she now creates spontaneous spatial warps by this ability, being able to block projectiles, as such warps absorb them.

The disadvantage of this arsenal is that the amount of energy that can be extracted from the crystals is limited and takes time to "reload", forcing her to use these abilities carefully.

As a weird side effect, her hair becomes blue, when the concentration of crystal particles in her blood increases.

Regular abilities




Goals, aims


Passions and hated things




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