Siege of Nebula City (7902.R.D.)

While it has been happening for a very long time before, the biggest siege of Nebula City happened in Republic Date 7902, involving several superhumans, including four members of the Gate Hunter Division, three fleets of the Rhov and the entire local branch of the own security forces of the Starcloud Nation.

It was the final huge assault on the space station, ending the sporadic attacks of the Cloudan forces and erupting the Pirate War, one of the several emerging conflicts near to the end of the first Beacon World Epoch.



The Starcloud Nation, being the most advanced space nation of the galaxy, has always been the primary target of the Cloudan Confederacy. They have already achieved a certain development, yet they had the assumption that by eliminating them, they can achieve a double reward: more humans are "exterminated", and even valuable resources and locations can be occupied as well.


Early days of the Terminus Nation Invasion

At the beginning of the 80th century, the forces of the Confederacy could enter Beacon World, for the purpose of gaining information about the way, through which the Gate is accessible. As a result, they reacted in an extraordinarily aggressive manner against every act having the either public or secret purpose of finding the Gate. When "Kebechet" Anjema was suddenly defeated, they ignored the tactical potential it had in their war against Anubis and his sect of humans - instead, the military focused on the capturing and execution of Drifter, Amazon - and even Jumper.

It was the move that forced the duo and the hybrid male to separate and escape through alternate means - eventually, both met in Nebula City.


The siege


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