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Name: Nathan Adam Minkren (codename: Red)
SNSH Codaname: Red
Type: Recursive non-temporal person
Biological age: 19 years
Date of Remain Event: 7709.R.D.
Origin: N.I.G.H.T.
Current affiliation: Starcloud Nation
Special features: Omega Summoner

Ability base


Red was killed by electrocution in 7709.R.D. by traitors of the N.I.G.H.T. who desired to prevent him becoming the next leader of the organization. The Ecto Gun that was used for the purpose was in experimental stages at the time, and as such, it released excess amount of Ethereal Energy, preventing Red to die properly, and he went through a Remain Event, resulting him to reborn immediately in another planet of the galaxy.

Red thus, despite not being originated from another timeline, became a non-temporal person within our universe. His memories about his death induced both exaggerated fear and unnatural desire towards electricity, that made him want to change his body's composition - his primary aim was to become a non-conductor, never to be injured by electrocution again.


Red has approximately 100 thousand Ethereal Runes tattooed in black color - 70% of these form two medium-sized circles on his hands, while the rest create a tight chain connecting the circles and his chest. The circles are the primary matter manipulation source; the chains perform some minor energy lead from the nipples to the arms, to make his ability more stable. It is estimated that while the circles use 40-50 different Ethereal Runes at best, with the chains, this number is expanded to 75-80.

There's no other known special equipment or source Red uses, but the impact of this tattoo is strong enough to serve as a solid base for all his ability branches: the entire skin structure of Red became a gigantic 3-layer capacitor. His skin has an initial purpose of a natural Faraday-cage, as it leads incoming electricity from the internal organs and tissues, keeping it on the body's surface, in the outer layer. Secondarily, it literally keeps and contains electric potential for later use - moreover, every single electric charge that affects Red's epidermis is automatically absorbed.

Charge containment

Red uses three methods to contain and control electricity:

  • Simple electrolysis. Red's lowermost and uppermost skin layers (hypo- and epidermis) act as insulators, but he's capable of changing their charging by Ethereal Energy Channeling, with transforming free elctrons to protons or neutrons. This leads the dermis' charge go deeper or surfacing, depending on his action.
  • Charge circulation. Red is able to control electric flow in the conductor layer, that is (beyond other practical uses) provide more place for other charges to appear and move.
  • Cell batteries. The most complicated and risky way Red can use is that with EEC, he transforms the material of his very cells, thus, while they are able to maintain their basic functions, they also become microscopic batteries, keeping electrons around the core, and releasing them in case of charge difference, in an artificially incuded method similar to the way neurons create impulses.


  1. His ability extends to every portion of his body that involves a mid-layer of the skin and a proper epidermis - this includes the eyelids, the foreskin, the scalp, the lips and the nipples. Where skin is thinner (in the majority of the mentioned cases, for example), though, he has issues keep electric flow under control, becuase of the smaller amount of dermis cells. This can result spontaneous discharges, which is the most prevalent around the nipples - it is because electric charges tend to cumulate on pointy ends.
  2. As his ability is strongly relying on the matter property modification done by his tattoo's Runes, damaging said Runes can destabilize, paralyze or even freeze his power. There are some known methods Red uses to protect the tattoos, these are likely do not provide a 100% defense.
  3. In case of electric flow, the present charge might interfere with neuron activity, creating false senses in Red's brain. These are extremely rare nowadays, but a lot of cases were documented before 7750.R.D.

Ability branches


Electron-induced distortion
Machinery interaction
The Flow




Field-based abilities


Regular electromagnetism

Ethereal electromagnetism

Electron-induced distortion

Machinery interaction

The Flow

Skin-based abilities

Nerve-based abilities

Medical abilities

Miscellaneous abilities


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