Spatial warp

A spatial warp is a temporary or permanent distortion of the physically-defined space, caused by subdimensional methods and/or devices. Spatial warps are usually resulted by devices combinding EEC technology and regular rules of physics.

Planet Monument portals

The most widespread practical use of space warps is to establish direct connection between two distant points in space, by casting warps that are similar in properties. This exactly is what Planet Monuments do.

These provide immediate transportation by a completely smooth transition by the gates. ^^(imagine it as in Portal :P) ^^A Monument's courtyard might have any warp sockets between 1 and 17 from any types, even allowing identical types in two or more cases, but all lead to a different place. The socket types are predefined, so these aren't changing over time and open-close iterations, but all types are indicated with a color - with the exception of two spatial and two temporal variants.

P.M. spatial warp variants

  1. White portals. These are simple constant and bidirectional spatial warps that never closes, changes destination or leads to a transit chamber.
  2. Blue portals. These are bidirectional warps that closes for a fix amount of time, after which open again for a similarly fix amount of time. Otherwise, they are identical to white portals.
  3. Magenta portals. These are identical tothe blue ones, but the length of "open" and "closed" states are always varying and uncertain.
  4. Green portals. These are triangular warps, meaning that return is possible only through a transit chamber, as the destination warps leads there instead of leading back directly. For short: A leads to B, B leads to X, X leads to A. These gates are otherwise stable and constant, not meaning any other threats, but the transit destination increases the chance of possible risks and makes return inconvenient and slow.
  5. Purple portals. These are identical to blue ones, but after reopening, the destination is different, working in a switch-based manner.
  6. Yellow portals. These are periodically opening and closing triangular warps, and otherwise identical green ones.
  7. Brown portals. These are constant one-way portals, and although otherwise identical to white ones, the lack of means to return makes it capable of restricted use only.
  8. Orange portals. These are periodically opening and closing one-way portals.
  9. Red portals. These are randomly opening and closing one-way portals.
  10. Silver portals. These are randomly opening and closing triangular warps.
  11. Black portals. These are orange warps with a new destination after each opening event.
  12. Colorless portal 1. These are red warps with a new destination after each opening event. Practically impossible to differentiate from the other colorless type.
  13. Colorless portal 2. These are randomly opening and closing two-way portals with new destination after every reopening.

Origin of the warp types

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