Sun Serpent language

The Sun Serpent language is the ancient language spoken by the Sun Serpent race nearly universally, regardless of faction.

It originates from the Shaper language and to an extent, the Ethereal Runes.



Sun Serpent: Wuewuplec

Akh - death

Bho – land

El – light
Epnu - unity
'er' – of something

Fe - moon

Gi – leave

Hau - human

Kbe - cold
'kva' – from something
Kvahk – reborn/resurrection
Ko - green

Mok – steel
Mon - being

'pi' – to something

Seu - city

Weplec – serpent/snake
Wuh – star
Wu – sky

Whole worlds

Gipiakh: Left to death; equal to the word "abandoned"

Akhwu – Death Sky; name of the Starless Sky for them
Mokakh – Steel Death; name of the Dark Machine for them
Mokel – Steel Light; name of the Cybergod for them
Mokelpiepnu – "Steel Light to unity"; the way they call the Cybergod Alliance
Feleuplec – the name they use to describe the Moon Serpents
Seuplec – City Serpent; name of the citizens of the Sun Serpent Homeland
Wuewu - the name of the Endline God for them; means Star of the Sky
Wuhwu – Star Sky; name of the Cosmic Disk for them
Wuewuplec – the name they use to describe themselves; means Serpents of the Star of the Sky

Bhoeler: Land of Light; name of the Moon Serpent Homeland
Hauseu-epnu: Unity in Human City; the only planet the race is willing to share with humans
Seupi-wuewu: City to the Star of the Sky; name of their Homeland


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