Supernatural phenomena of Ontenedis

Phenomena: supernatural events related to Ontenedis, caused either by the Shaper technology, the unique way of evolution and climate change or the hidden portals themselves.

Anomalous landscape formations.

Brown Obsidian: putrefied wood, hardened by the special chemical composition of the water to which it was exposed.

Forest Eyes: frequent in the rainiest regions. Dead trees are capable of harvesting larger amounts of water and containing them even for thousands of years. Some species' leaves, crowns, remained spider webs, and several other natural formations can support these phenomena, forming lakes even in hundreds of meters of height. As the water supply is constantly and frequently provided, the support can lose its strength quite easily; these are the Wooden Waterfalls; if water brims over the edge of the support, and finds a way to flow through, it forms a Sky River.

Refined Water: any water bodies touched by a Purified Plant will become refined. It has several beneficial effects: the water will no longer help the creation of Brown Obsidian, and gives more strength to any creatures that drink it. Refined Water is used in magical potions, for domesticated animals and is the sole source of water the Rain Banisher Tribe is willing to consume.

Sky Rivers: rare formations near Forest Eyes; water flowing on branches, leaves, dead trees and other places where it's possible. As rain rarely reaches the surface itself, these water sources are extremely useful for some of the tribes. Unlike actual rivers, these are always originated from a Forest Eye and are ended up being separated or falling into another Forest Eye, meaning a good landmark in navigation.

Wooden Waterfalls: flowing water bodies through one or more trees, forming a local ecosystem. Without exception, they are always connected to Sky Rivers or Forest Eyes. As the composition of both the water and the trees of Ontenedis is extraordinary, the way waterfalls flow fastens the process of the putrefaction of dead trees, thus making gigantic rock formations in the air.

Abnormal climatic events

Green Sunset: the enormous amount of extraordinary pollens produced by the Rainforest trees can become concentrated in certain regions of the atmosphere, affecting the sunset. Watching from the surface, Shoal becomes greener as closing to sunset, while Mereid appears bright green. The insectoid tribes fear of this phenomena, usually hiding in their huts until the night comes.

Moon Rainbow: an extremely rare astrological event. The six moons are visible together on the sky, forming a giant hexagon, with the suns in its centre; the special composition of the moons and the mixed color of the suns result a rainbow-like coloration on the entirety of Ontenedis' lit surface. The color of the visible light is constantly filtered to reflect only red, orange, yellow, green, blue and finally, the violet color. It takes about six minutes from orange to reach red once again and it happens for an hour, until Gu breaks out of the shape. For this time, Harvesters go into a meditative state, totally refilling their energy by an unknown way, not needing to eat for a week after then – it affects every Harvesters of the planet. Every tribe celebrates this event with festivities and connects other supernatural events to this.

Purification: a comparably rare event that occurs when some magical mushroom species are exposed ONLY to water coming from the rain. In this case, the mushroom explodes, spreading a special magical essence in the air that dissolves in water and spreads further either with the rain or with the humidity in the air. Any plants that come into contact with this solution becomes a Purified Plant.

Supernatural animals

Glass Beings: a set of special species, solely insect-serpent and bird-reptile hybrids. Their outer body layer is opal, making their intestines visible; they also emit a special light, similar to fireflies, but their light has a mind-manipulating effect, forcing omnivore beings to protect them at their best abilities, making herbivore ones more effective at self-protection and tossing carnivores (including Harvesters) away. When Brown Obsidian is exposed to their light, it gains various supernatural properties, depending on the original type of wood. It should be noted that usually, sunlight hurts them very bad.

Harvesters: a mixture of giant species, bioengineered by the Shapers.

Pyramid Spiders: the biggest spider species of Ontenedis. Their body is able to emit special crystals called Aether Pearls, which they use to form otherwise invisible, motion detecting webs. Two pearls can form a thread of web between each other at any time, but it happens only when any creatures moving fast enough attempts to go between them. After some time, Aether Pearls lose their abilities, becoming small yet valuable Brown Obsidian balls, which the spiders use to build their nesting pyramids. These special hives are often mistaken as actual ruins, attracting tribespeople, and thus making them the spiders' pray. The pyramids also seem to toss Harvester presence.

Supernatural plants

Purified Plants: plant life that has come into contact with the special mushroom essence in a Purification event. These plants gain a supernatural feature: by putting into water, it will "refine" that. Also, consuming Purified Plants give Glass Beings a long-term power boost in light emitting efficiency and physical resistance.

Vine Kings: one of the biggest tree types of Ontenedis. These trees grow massive amounts of hanging vines, often in massive sizes that emit a vibration that tosses Harvesters. Their labyrinth of vines is often used by hunters, flying species and even by tribespeople. The entire planet has only 7 Vine Kings.

Shaper construcions

Dimensional Disruptor: the "sun" of the Inner World is actually a Shaper device that serves multiple functions: produces energy for the rest of the machinery that is found either there or on the surface; creates a thin layer of gravitational field around the Planet Monument Mantle Web to keep gravity; serves as a repository for the souls of the Sentinels; and most importantly, disables the otherwise unnatural properties of non-temporal people. This means that they age on the surface of Ontenedis and in the Inner World as well. Dead people's soul always appears in the outer world, as it was coming from another dimension.

The Harvester Manipulator: *WIP*


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