Terminus Nation story hub

For me, the entire Terminus Nation universe serves most importantly as a suitable place for a bunch of stories that comes to my mind; every single portion of this world is made for providing a proper medium for every science fiction, fantasy and other stories and stories ideas I have.

In this article, I specify every story lines I've constructed to this world.

The Cosmic Disk

Main: The Goldfire Duo

The history of an ambitious non-temporal duo (and later, their team) to break out of the afterlife they are ultimately determined to.

It is possibly the longest story of the universe, as this duo was the main driving force that made me create and skive the concept of the entire world.

As such, consider the fact that other stories are way more vaguely defined.

Ezbekuar's Gate: Aftermath

These storylines follow the life of the members of the Gate Hunter Divison after the Gate Indicent.

Jumper: Tale of the Trapped Arcology

Jumper finds himself in a ruined planet, in the middle of an abandoned arcology. Soon he starts seeing vivid hallucinations, realizing that the entire atmosphere is filled with drugs, and this hallucination made the entire place abandoned forever. Will tried to find a way to live, or at least, to survive among the scattered remains of human communities.

Red: The Thunderrealm Saga

Nathan wakes up in The Thunderrealm: a small moon in the shadow of the Thundergod, ruled by him, dragons, Sun Serpents and two opposing medieval kingdoms.

The Reaper Duo

Adventures of the Reaper Duo, a headhunger couple of two supernatural people.

Other (mostly temporarily suspended)

The Protectorate of Eleinian Ochbor

The history of Eleinian Ochbor, an isolated colony (and its moon) giving home to a handful of smaller non-temporal communities.

A smaller scope of what I originally meant to be the Cosmic Disk.

Compound of the Harpies

A vaguely defined semi-slice-of-life story about Federica Impellizerri, a young adult woman of an Aquaran father, and a mother of the Bird people, living in an apartheid system on a major Republic colony.

The Invisible World

As of 2017/05/23, no active or proposed story take place in the Invisible World.


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