The Hidden Alliance of Astrapi

Map of the Hidden Alliance of Astrapi
Simplified map of Astrapi, depicting only the main mountain ranges, the Hidden Alliance lands, and Tessera.

In the Thunderrealm, the Hidden Alliance (full name: The Hidden Alliance of Astrapi) is a small yet powerful empire of 5 kingdoms that rule the entire inner part of Astrapi. Leaving the coastal regions to the


The Hidden Alliance is formed by the biggest nations of the mountains of Astrapi - three of them are living in sinuous valleys, while two conquer comparably opened but isolated portions. The only common feature of these states are the complete lack of coastlines (which is extremely exceptional in the Thunderrealm), the domination of non-human intelligent races within each state, and the dedication to the case of protecting Tessera, the Sacred Land from outside intruders.

Lots of the Shrine Towers are found within the boundaries of these nations, who then provide various (and often life-threatening) tasks for Lightning People to allow them to activate.

The nations, listing according to their clockwise position around Astrapi:

Left Serpent Empire


Right Serpent Empire


Order of the Water Eye

It's capital city, Naskos is the capital of the entire alliance.



Nation of the Banished Valley


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