The Inner World of Ontenedis

On Ontenedis, the Inner World is a region within the planet itself, and a secret of which only a small portion of the galaxy is even aware at all.

Ontenedis is a hollow planet, with the Inner World lies on the inner side of the planet's crust, with its inner core acting as a sun on the "sky". This land lacks any bigger water bodies, but rain falls as there's a single source of water, called the Upperfall, an enormous fountain forming the only lake and providing the humidity that is necessary for the exotic climate. In general, the Inner World is a literally endless rainforest, similar to the one on the outer surface, but has a much smaller ecological diversity.

This place was inhabited with humans; in fact, it is Shiori's home world itself – but after an attempt to sacrifice her, a native insect species called the Sentinels started aggressively spreading, either killing people or forcing them to leave.

Travelling between the Inner World and Ontenedis' surface is possible through gigantic chasms – people jump in on one side and fly out on the other one, but can also fall back.

Currently, every surviving tribes are living on the surface, while the Inner World is inhabited only by the Sentinels, who are unable to leave, but also protect their world, making the two worlds strongly separated.


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