The Thunderrealm

The Thunderrealm consists of an archipelago and a heavily mountainous continent on a small moon orbiting around a further unexplained gas giant somewhere in the galaxy. It is ruled by a superior lifeform that inhabits the entire planet and influences the events on its moon by the power it gets from this planet.

Being an isolated celestial body, containing only very minor Shaper artifacts and being guarded by the Thundergod, the significance of this location is unmeasurably low on an universal scale; though it serves as the sole location of Terminus Nation The Thunderrealm Saga, a storyline that elaborates the afterlife of Nathan "Red" Minkren, one of the most important characters of the gate-hunter-division.

Basics & geography

The moon serving place for the Thunderrealm is quite small, with an equator of 1500 kilometres; the region people consider the Thunderrealm is around 10 thousand square kilometres and is the only place inhabited by civilized beings - the rest of the moon consist of endless oceans and a deserted and wasteland-like continent. Said moon is orbiting around an indigo-colored planet, the inhabitants only call the God Orb. This body occasionally covers the sun, bringing night of indigo coloration (result of the basic indigo reflection of it), they simply call Indigo Twilight. Such events happen in 9-day intervals, serving as a base for measuring time in larger scales.

The two main parts of the realm is a single large continent heavily covered by mountains, and jointed to the wastelands by a single natural bridge; the rest is a huge ocean of several comparably big islands, called the Eos Archipelago.

In the middle of Astrapi an isolated plateu is found, surrounded by the lake of the Sacred Water; in the middle of it, a double arch with a prism serving as a keystone is found; that provides contact with the Thundergod.

Very few information is known about Tessera.

Races & factions


The Thunderrealm was (and still is) populated by a prosperous flora & fauna, serving a great base for beings like humans. They have arrived from an unknown place, through "a forgotten portal found in their homeland". Centuries have passed, and they spread through the entire realm, and as usual, conflicts have grown.

The Skargard Kingdom is the union of the majority of the Eos Archipelago. They are civilized, but use a military resembling the Vikings as their regular (and very efficient) army.

The Chazco Federacy is the union of the states of the few habitable coastal regions of Astrapi. They are under constant siege of the Skargard nation, growing harsh treat and even slight racism towards eosian people.

The Hidden Alliance unifies the 5 nations which is living isolated from the coasts, in the main body of Astrapi, among the mountains or down in the valleys. They use dragons living among the mountains for transport, and guards Tessera. The fight against the Skargard, but allies with the Chazco.

The only common feature of humanity is the religion: they idolize the entitity of the God Orb, called the Thundergod. It controls the events and the general life of humans in the realm, hearing all of their words and seeing all of their actions, but rarely intervening. However, when it does, its act is powerful and often terrifying, ensuring the undoubted faith of human in it.

The Lightning People

In the Thunderrealm, Ethereal Energy works the same was as anywhwere within the universe. The difference here is that people are unaware of the Runes - only a very few are known that are all centered around electricity. There is practice of other elemental actions, but lightning is by far the best known element.

A very small amount of humans born with different brainwave patterns, making them naturally equipped by lightning manipulation phenomena; they are the Lightning People. They are practically prodigies, often discriminated, both in a positive or a negative sense.



Other races




The Path

The civilization that built Tessera has also placed various shrine towers around the realm. These are dedicated to the Thundergod and provides instant travel among certain portions of the realm, but in a very unique way, making difference from the regular Shaper method.

  • Only Lightning People can activate shrines.
  • When a shrine is activated at the first time, the activator is teleported to the range of a randomly selected other shrine.
  • If someone activated a shrine, (s)he's literally forced to keep in the range of another shrine. An invisible and otherwise transparent magic dome is created on the edge of such range, making activators unable to leave, only by teleportation of another shrine.
  • Activators are never teleported back to an already visited shrine.
  • When every shrines are visited, the final activation event teleports the person to Tessera.

When an Indigo Twilight event occurs and a living and healthy Lightning Man is staying on Tessera, then the Thundergod decends from the God Orb and equips all of them with enhanced power and additional means of Ethereal Energy Channeling, making them powerful enough "to rebalance the order of the Thunderrealm".

A huge majority of Lightning People do this quest for fame, power and wealth, but a lot of them die mid-way (as several shrines are guarded or dangerous to approach) or simply decide to give up and start a new living in the shadow of the shringe they are teleported to.

The Thunderrealm Saga

Nathan "Red" Minkren, after a literally too long (two centuries of) life, was involved in the Gate Incident, resulting him being teleported to this planet. He's now a Lightning Man of the Thunderrealm and was even lucky enough to meet a girl he was looking for, but she was soon kidnapped by shady eosian pirates. After saving her, he and his new "fellow" soon decide to start the Path, for gaining fame, power, wealth - and for taking revenge on the Skargard Kingdom for what they've done to Sanne.

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