The timeline of the Terminus Nation universe can be separated into several parts, in respect to its actually separable part.

Shaper Domination

The only part that is common for each portion of the universe is the beginning, known as the Shaper Domination. It was the age when the ancient race of the Shapers rose up and executed its experiments and construction processes.

While very few is known about this period of history, there's an abstract subdivision about this era:

It was also the age when the Cloudans and the Aurosts were evolved and created, respectively.

The Cosmic Disk

The history of the Cosmic Disk starts some dozens of thousands of years before the first activation event, and follows 750 thousand years until the final unity of its inhabitants in the Aftermath.

An interactive timeline about the events happening in the Cosmic Disk is available on the following link

General overview

Name of the era Starting date Ending date
Beacon World Era BY -30,000 BY 563,159
Serpent Resurrection (age) KW,1 KW,97,701
Human Dawn (-2624).R.D. 3426.R.D.
Resistance Rise 3426.R.D. 6833.R.D.
TechWar Age 6833.R.D. 7901.R.D.
Terminus Nation Invasion 7901.R.D. 7910.R.D.
Aftermath UD+1 UD+50000


As the first colonists on Volada, every human nation in the galaxy are still using the Gregorian calendar - for ultimate simplicity, event dates of alien perspective are converted to Gregorian dates, as well.

This is very different, however, what do they consider the first year of the written history. In general, though, the mainly used calendars are Beacon Year (BY), Serpent Resurrection Year (KW), and Republic Date (R.D.).

The reason is that, whileKW numbers are possibly easier to understand, because of the smaller scale, Republic Date is preferred for human, as the Republic is the oldest still existing civilization in the galaxy (with the appearance of humans within the galaxy predating its formation with "only" 2624 years), thus their calendar being perfect to represent human historical events.

Beacon Year (BY)

The most fundamental calendar defined the beginning of history when the Cosmic Disk took its current form.

BY1 marks the First Beacon World Activation Event and the ultimate disappearance of the Shapers - this event has sharply defined the advancement of every single race in the future, and as such, most alien races are using this event as a main fix point in their written history.

Kvahk'er'Weplec (KW)

This very ugly word means "Serpent Resurrection" in Sun Serpent language.

Serpent Resurrection was a cataclysmic event, to which the Sun Serpent Empire dates back its written in-galaxy history, due to the empire being founded as a consequence, or aftermath, of said event.

Union Day (UD)

Equals to 7910.R.D., and is in use after the Gate Incident.

Table of used human calendars

Civilization name Used calender First year in BY First year in RD
Republic Republic Date 663 484 1
Free Heaven Movement Resistance Year 666 910 3426
Future Empire Initial Contact 668 316 4832
Church of the Cybergod CyberDomini 670 352 6868

The Starcloud Nation used the RY calendar, while the Red Fist and the Justice Empire used IC.

The present

The current year is considered the very beginning of the story. This is when Drake resurrects on Vel.

Calendar Current year
Beacon Year BY 671,385
Kvahk'er'Weplec KW,108,226
Republic Date 7901.R.D.
Resistance Year RY4775
Initial Contact 3068.I.C.
CyberDomini 1033CD
Union Day UD-9


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