Tribes of Ontenedis

On Ontenedis, every nations, groups, communities and civilizations consider themselves "tribes". It is most likely a tradition, but mental affecting reasons are also guessed in the background. Tribes are usually not huge, and divides to sub-tribes if become too huge, to prevent overpopulating.





Native human tribes

"Insect Tamer" Tribe: tribe of people who are capable of analyzing the insectoid creatures' behavior to avoid conflict or even to exploit them. They are exiled by most of the other tribes. Practically, they are the remains of Shiori's original tribe.

"Air Walker" Tribe: a community never touching the actual surface by faith; they believe living in the air makes them stronger so they attempt not only to avoid the ground, but spending as much time with flying as possible. They are possibly the best flyer tribe of Ontenedis.

"Crown King" Tribe: people who are never or barely leaving the trees' uppermost crown parts. They build their houses into the set of leaves, and despite most of their building materials are gathered from the outside even those are mostly related to trees. Their houses often share one or more walls, between which they carve tunnels into the crowns and they use them as streets. The only place outside the crown where they feel themselves good is above the crown; this is the place they use to attach fruit-producing tree branches to any other branches they find in the uppermost region – this is their way of producing food. The huge variety of both magical and normal fruits and other plants they consume gave various side-effects to their medical condition, including a very minor green tint of their skin color, and complete immunity to any kind of mushrooms, even in case of eating edible ones.

"Druid Master" Tribe: an organization dedicated to the complete harmony of nature. They claim trees have soul, and carving caves into them, or even housing on them hurts them, so they refuse any similar relationship regarding the trees. Living on the surface, they have hard time at harvesting supply but their exceptional and mysterious power made them able to stay alive for thousands of years.

"Ethereal Order" Tribe: a tribe living according to the Ethereal Order, a set of rules written by "a wise man long ago". People live on a strict diet, daily routine and even the society is based on a strong yet flexible class-system. Tribespeople are found extremely disciplined by other tribe members. They have also developed their own martial art, the Glass Style, which makes them able to manipulate light itself. The tribe wages war against some of the nomad tribes and most of the ones that are involved in activities with other supernatural creatures (with the exception of the Insect Tamer Tribe), but maintains a close alliance with the Glass Arrow Tribe. [Analogy to the Japanese]

"Fishbone" Tribe: the most important coastal tribe. They live on and next to the Horizon Archipelago, using domesticated albatrosses, seagulls and similar bird-like animals to gather fish, oyster and other seafood they can eat and trade. They also breed several edible sea animals in underground lakes within the mountain they live on. The tribe is strongly isolated from the main activities of the Rainforest, but both travelers, traders and in general, most of the tribes love them. [Analogy to the British]

"Forest Pirate" Tribe: semi-nomad community of bandits. They travel on their caravans carried by armored giant dragonflies and stops by every tribe they find. In case of not meeting intelligent life, they often stop relaxing and hunting; sometimes they start growing various mushrooms and grass-like plants to brew or to produce other alcohols. [Analogy to the Irish]

"Glass Arrow" Tribe: a community that claims itself the protectors of the Glass Species. They separated enormous regions of the jungle to keep these beings' population on a healthy level, showing hostile behavior to every intruder. They have also built farms around which their villages are centered; the Glass Beings' supernatural power is used by them to provide light, heating and energy; these are also used in warfare, in an extremely lethal manner.

"Mushroom Trader" Tribe: the biggest mushroom producer tribe of Ontenedis. They live in the Swamplands, producing enormous amount and types of mushrooms. They have a lot of extremely valuable goods, often ending up at trader tribes. The tribe members actively attempt to join to these other communities to continue mushroom growing – it's rarely successful, so they usually return to their homeland, or start mushroom growing anywhere they find a valid place for it. This activity has made them hated outside the Swamplands as they can spread several hostile mushroom species very easily. They are extremely vulnerable to every supernatural phenomenon, so most of the tribes can easily force them to retreat. [Analogy to the Muslim]

"Obsidian Miner" Tribe: a group of travelers who dedicate their lives to the mining and trade of various types of Brown Obsidian. They use giant moles to carry their goods and their homes, often going underground during the night. Their warriors are extremely strong as a result of the tough work, and use Redteeth Tribe mercenaries to long-range protection.

"Rain Banisher" Tribe: a collection of several tribes that claim the natural water is unhealthy, judging from its significance at the creation of Brown Obsidian. Thus, these tribes separated their homelands and formed special "Dried Zones" to live according to their own rules and drink only their own (Refined) water. Dried Zones prevent rain to reach the floor or the buildings by complex water routing system in the air above them. The biggest Dried Zone is the gigantic multileveled metropolis of Sandwood City, possibly the biggest city of Ontenedis.

"Rope Weaver" Tribe: a tribe specialized in hanging buildings, by the use of suspending them in a manner similar to the spider's webs. By this technique they are capable of creating entire cities in the air and even creating hanging farms similar to hanging gardens. They prefer domesticating larger animals as "a challenge to the web and a reward to the stomach". [Analogy to the Hungarian]

"Scorpion Hunter" Tribe: rivals of the Insect Tamer Tribe. They use similar techniques to tame animals, but do only on spiders and scorpions, and only by means to use them in warfare. This is an aggressive tribe, hating every alien race and are fighting for the Black City.

"Spider Feeder" Tribe: a sect dedicated to the idolization of the Pyramid Spiders. They sacrifice various animals and even tribespeople; in exchange, those protect their villages. Their relationship is fragile though, as the spiders react with hostility to every act during which the tribespeople attempt to one-sidedly exploit them. The sect's purpose is to expand the spiders' presence to the entire jungle; they are waging war even with the Sentinels in the Inner World together with the spiders.

"Sun Human" Tribe: an entirely human community led by a Sun Serpent. Tribespeople claim they want to gain the power of the Sun Serpents and the entire world, so they live according to the rules of the Sun Serpent civilization and culture. They tame serpents, geckos , crocodiles and other cold-blood animals to help them and formed a partially human, partially Sun Serpent culture based on the idolization of Shoal as the Sun Man, Mereib as the Sun Son, and the Sun God as the Sun Father. They have the same purposes as the Sun Serpent Empire, but refuse helping them, considering the original tribe heretics. [Analogy to the Mayas/Aztecs/Incas]

"Swamp Protector" Tribe: the second biggest tribe of the Swamplands. Usually they live within trees and grow up Swamp Bees to use their special honey and wax as building material, food and trading good. They also prefer gathering less edible fruits, vegetables and other plants from the swamp to cook extraordinary, usually magical meals and potions. Their creativity and slyness make them very efficient warriors, using their power to fight against the Mushroom Trader Tribe. The tribe considers them the plague of the swamp, getting support from several other tribes in this fight.

Native non-human tribes

"Redteeth" Tribe: the biggest insectoid civilization of Ontenedis; its members are humanoid-shaped red ants. They built a giant hill-shaped, yet properly working city out of Brown Obsidian, carving enormous amount of caves to the surrounding trees and to the underground surface to expand and explore.

"Green World" Tribe: a community of civilized praying mantises. They built a hidden fortress in one of the biggest Vine Kings, and use both the vines and the crown to conduct constant surveillance of their surrounding environment. They consider themselves "researcher-warriors", and they dedicate their activity to keep up the healthy ecosystem balance of the planet.

"Cehwecik" Tribe: the oldest Sun Serpent tribe of Ontenedis; they claim they are the last of those who left Behereib. They live in the jungle, but dedicate their lives to support the Üksus Tribe in the protection of the Obelisk. The occasionally appearing Cloudan pirates hunt them, as they are one of the most valuable prisoners of the Cosmic Disk.

Native tribes with mixed population

"Black Hand" Tribe: nomad community of assassins and other criminals, forming a shady and mysterious organization. They rob every tribe not obeying their demands regarding food and other supplies. Rumors say they want to reach the Black City, and that their leader is a Cloudan spy.

Newly formed tribes

"Red Fist" Tribe: a community led by former Red Fist Division Operators and other Red Fist Army Members.

"Méllon" Tribe: an experimental community formed by arriving Future Empire researchers and experts.

"Üksus" Tribe: an armed community formed by the best elite warriors of most of the tribes. They live in and around the Black City, and interrogate or fight every intruder, to prevent entrance to the Obelisk.


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