Union Fort
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Union Fort is the name of an independent state on planet Anberoi, with its every members residing within a centuries-old castle of the same name. Taking complete control over the local Planet Monument, yet allowing nearly anyone to join, it is considered one of the most powerful micronations.


The castle giving place to the Union Fort was abandoned for a few decades before the current occupiers moved into it, after returning from their bunkers buried deeply into the mountain ranges of Anberoi. A settlement was then build within it, strongly restructuring and reshaping it, heavily modifying its functionality.

The complex can be found on the top of a mountain, which said mountain goes up to 4096 meters above planetary sea level; the land entrance of Union Fort can be found at the 1200 meters mark. The lowest wall section start on 3000 meters, meaning that everything above this makes an essential part of the castle, counted as the interior area of it.

Union Fort consists of four main architectural component, two of which used to be the part of the original castle, while other two was added during the expansion:

  • The surface castle: these are the exterior remains of the castle, originally provided space for preindustral armory, such as cannons, shooting spots for archers, and towers for Ethereal Energy warriors and scouts. In the present, these parts are mostly used for logistical, scout supporting, and social purposes. It should be noted that the extreme height differences between the main borders and the center at the top, it is divided to several parts, all of which are connected through elevators in the catacombs.
  • The catacombs: The interior parts of the original castle. Catacombs, elevator shafts and other underground complexes, burying deeply into the mountain giving place to the fort. Connects some minor parts of the castle. Its walls are covered in marble, granite and similar rocky materials, providing an extremely long lifespan and constant connection. Some minor storage rooms were also formed here.
  • The main complex: a high-tech chain of facilities added within the walls of the original castle. This includes old building parts entirely renewed and renovated; some new buildings built upon the place of older ones; and entirely new building risen on empty places. The walls are also strengthened and equipped with modern defense systems - most notably, high-performance, AI-controlled ionic laser rays. The central building at the top now functions as a logistical and communicational hub, and every entrance from and to the interiour bunker goes through this facility.
  • The bunker: the heart of Union Fort; a set of high-tech interior complexes, wings, tunnels and other systems and facilities that provide living and high-tech services for thousands of people - and alien individuals. It's loosely connected with the catacombs for transporting good more eaasily, but otherwise, its only connection to the surface is via the hub in the main complex. The bunker system is made to be entirely being able to sustain itself in case of crysis, and usually does so, with only recent long-distance operations providing resource supply from the outside.

Union Fort is a completely close human ecosystem,that is able to survive most events considered "Doomsday Events", such as nuclear strikes, gamma ray bursts, any forms of network pandemic, and potential siege-like assault situations, either from space or through the Planet Monument.


Anberoi used to be a prosperous planet, despite its tundra-taiga-like environment. Primarily colonized in 7103.R.D., its inhabitants tend to live simply, in harmony with nature, yet maintaining a bunch of different, yet unified counties. They slowly spread through a habitable radius around the Planet Monument and in 7420.R.D., 81 counties were established and maintained. They have never formed a unified kingdom, but instead traded with each other and those who they could reach through the Monument.

In that year, however, an all-out war burst out between the local residents and a local tribe of the Cloudan Confederacy. When a portal was opened to Seboqvo, a major Cloudan military settlement, the residing forces, following the orders and regulations of the Overtribe, initiated an assault on Anberoi, which then elongated into a complete siege. It was the time when the castle giving place to Union Fort was built, among several other ones.

It took 27 months, after which the portal closed - the Cloudans were aware of it, though, so before it has happened, they sent mass destruction weaponry to the planet and initiated a final strike. This final strike was known as the "Black Dawn" and led to the destruction of every states and lordships on Anberoi, such as the end of Cloudan activity on the planet. The only survivors of this attack were those who hid within catacomb-like structures within the Anberian mountains.

In 7460.R.D., after the first successfull exploration actions, these people have come back to see the light; they've found the surrounding land strongly damaged and bombed, but slowly regenerating. Worrying of a potentially still existing Cloudan presence, they've located an inhabited the castle they currently live in and established a city-fort, which now used the advanced technology they could produce during the war and the exile in the bunker system. Months later, the surviors quickly realized they are the only survivors of the Black Dawn, and that even the aliens have disappeared without trace; following this Francois Liberda, leader of the unified surivor group, announced the Declaration of the One Union Fort of Anberoi, and started reorganizing the castle ruins and the inside established facilities to form an even stronger city-fort, "that can never be destoyed anymore".

The initial constuction of Union Fort finished in 7463.R.D., during which they've strengthened their bonds with the Future Empire via a trading portal between Anberoi and Ckomak Uvnos. This has soon bought an explosion in the advancement of Union Fort, which then could quickly improve in terms of available tech and became rich by providing extremely effective Ethereal and pre-industrial military services for various smaller colonies via the organization of Future Empire companies. Union Fort has also contacted most of the other superpowers and quickly became a famous tourist attraction and destination for immigrants, as being opened to both alien individuals and the non-temporal people.

The status quo of Union Fort exists since 7730.R.D., when Republic and Justice Empire forces initiated minor assaults against the state because of being involved in the saving of several thousand non-temporal people, who were chased by both organizations. Other conflicts with Free Heaven Movement were also risen, because of the support of members of the Church of the Cybergod, but these were less of agressie nature. Either way, as a result, Union Fort is now again a closed city-state, with limited, yet allowed entrance for tourists, traders and immigrants, and maintains an outstanding relationship with most of the micronations, and the Future Empire. The Planet Monument of Anberoi is very heavy guarded, with several portals kept constantly closed, but the unpredictable nature of such portals often allows the enemies of Union Fort to initiate additional assaults.

Despite all these aspects, the citizens of Union Fort live in safety and only in limited isolation from the outside, making UF one of the happiest and strongest micronations of the galaxy.


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