Writing: Saviors of Hakdok (unfinished work) - Chapter 1

This is Saviors of Hakdok, my attempt for writing a novel in a month for NaNoWriMo 2015. It was unsuccessfull sadly, but I'd share it anway since I'm still proud of it.

- Welcome to Hakdok, the hottest Free Heaven planet!
The sealed steel door slowly opened, as the welcoming message echoed through the hall of the portals. Four people were walking next to each other; all were arriving by stepping through a white striped circular metal frame that was standing on the wall behind them. The steel door on the other side was still visible; it was on another planet - on the end of that strange portal that despite connected two planets being thousands of light years away from each other, looked exactly like a little bit oval, but basically circular arch on a simple metal wall.
Three men and a woman were walking to the checkpoint in front. On the left, a shirtless, orange-haired man stood and kept his head. He wore only jeans and a pair of black boots; a strange black stripe as some kind of tattoo was running from both his palms, through his arms and shoulders down to his respective nipples on his chest. Next to him, a slightly smaller boy held his girlfriend's hand; his reddish-brown hair was so long it covered his shoulders. He wore a black shirt and a light blue denim vest; his jeans were pale and torn, as well as his dark brown boots. Next to him, a comparably tall young woman looked at him with an apparently annoyed look. Her short blonde hair did not even reach her shoulders, one of which was covered by a metallic armor piece. The rest of her garb consisted of a shirt-like piece of clothing that left her navel and only her left cleavage exposed; below, she wore comparably longer skirt-like clothing that had a cut on the right, leaving her right leg and its strange, rune-like black tattoos exposed. Finally, on the right, a tall, middle-aged man escorted them; his usual dark blue jeans, black boots, and grey camouflage shirt was way not as conspicuous as his strange skin. The reason was that his skin had a visible grey tone, with strange light green threads running below it on some noticeable points of his body, including his temple. He was visibly uninterested in the behavior of the others next to him.
- That was not funny! – The girl said to his boyfriend. – You know that we have no choice without the papers!
- Hey, if we can go only to Republican land, we are fucked either way. – He raised his shoulders. – Don't expect we'd get away with such a noble ranking on the SNSH list!
- Idiot, use your brain! – She shouted. – At least some days without being chased…
The boy laughed out loudly.
- DAYS?! Shiori, please, they can identify us under SECONDS with that technology!
The girl's face turned red. She was absolutely unfamiliar with computers.
- Shut up, please, my head's still turning… - the orange-haired guy complained, but the brown-haired kept on laughing, practically mocking him.
- Hahaha Nate, you seem not to accommodate to the warps so quickly.
- I SAID SHUT UP! – He shouted. – It's the sixth damn portal I have to cross in a month, I'm sick of this shit! Why I do even get this sickness when nothing special happens?
- The distance, Nate…the distance. – The rightmost man calmly answered. – Like an interdimensional jet lag. Everyone must get used to it to get rid of the symptoms.
- Yeah, you should have seen Shiori's first warp travel! She puked really, really much! – The brown-haired boy laughed out a third time, to which the girl's answer was a gigantic slap. This acting made the orange-haired one to laugh as well.

- Okay, guys, stop screwing around, we're here. – The rightmost man said as they reached a barrier, a small container office and a group of policemen and officers.
- Welcome to planet Hakdok! – One of them said. – Do you know about the administrative process?
- Yeah, just get it over with. – The brown-haired answered with an uninterested look, handing over a handful of documents; the rest did so as well.
- Hm… - the policemen started checking them. – So you're all allowed to enter New Heaven planets. Great! Now introduce themselves! The verifying documents must be shown at the next barrier, I only have to kno-
- To know who we are to avoid discrepancies. – The brown-haired one interrupted him. – I know, I know, we're doing it the tenth damn time for two months. Just make it quick.
- Sir, we must not miss any steps. New Heaven's borders are opened, but you have to understand the threat the Republic, the Church of the Cybergod, the Justice Empire and other organizations mean to us.
- I experienced that by mself, you don't have to tell.
- Then please be patient and follow our instructions.
The brown-haired sighed.
- Drake Ian Daviau. I'm 17 and a non-temporal person, been here for a year 8 months. I'm on the SNSH list, thus I'm wanted in the Republic. My SNSH name is Drifter.
- Shiori Akkuar Zaian. – The girl went on. – I'm 22 and also a non-temporal one, I'm here for…I don't know, probably 10 months. I'm also wanted in the Republic, I'm known as Amazon.
- Nathan Adam Minkren. – The orange-haired was the next. – I'm 19 and a non-temporal person, I live here for… let's see… about two centuries. I'm a citizen of the Starcloud Nation if it matters, but I haven't been at home for a month. My SNSH name is Red.
- William George Stout. – The grey-skinned man was the last. – I'm 38 years old, not a non-temporal one. I'm banned from both Republican and Red Fist land, and my SNSH name is Jumper.
- So the Darkeye Duo and two fellows? – The officer responded after a short pause, during which he was checking the database.
- Right sir. –Shiori answered. – But we don't prefer using that name…
She was poked in her side by Drake.
- Shut up! – He whispered. – No one cares here about your opinion.
The two then started arguing quietly, only to be interrupted by the officer.
- Oh… according to a Central Order, both you and your fellowship are welcome guests here! Verify yourself beyond, and enjoy your stay. – He then opened the barrier, letting all four go.
- That's what I was saying! – Drake was grinning as he started walking, getting back his papers.

- At last, it's done! – The metalhead said an hour later, as he and his fellows left the portal's terminal. They entered to the lobby; eight other terminal gates, a gigantic main gate and the structure of the portal maintenance system could be seen there. The entire hall had a circular shape as it was built around the latter that had such shape – and an enormous tower in front of the main gate, rising out of the still tall building. It was a Planet Monument; an ancient alien structure, one of that every single planets and moons of the Cosmic Disk had. Inhabitants of this galaxy utilized them as the meanings of transportation of people and goods from planet to planet, without the need of faster-than-light travel. Drake and his fellows were all well aware of it – during the thousands of years, such structures became an essential part of human culture, living and economy; the scenery of an entire lobby around a Planet Monument, however, amazed all of them. Will and Nate were only standing and staring the ceiling (that almost got faded in the distance) with their jaws dropped; but Shiori and Drake, when took a closer look at their presence were literally fallen back.
The team kept on staring around: the crowd of arriving and leaving passengers at the terminals, the same at the escalators, the slowly rolling advertisements, the small bakeries and other shops, and again: the incredible height of the lobby. The entire place reminded them of a capital train station or a subway station hub rather than a square directly in front of a Planet Monument – even though the dark and dirty colors often resembled to the similarly pale and rusty colors of the aforementioned structure than a proper transit station.
- So, guys… - Will said after he awoke from the dismay. – Are we doing something at all, or you'd rather stay here?
- THAT'S HUGE! – Drake shouted after seconds of silence. – WHO HAD THE IDEA OF BUILDING AN ENTIRE STATION AROUND A FREAKIN' PLANET MONUMENT! – He was pointing towards the central tower. – That shit goes up to the stratosphere! How? And why? And…
- We have no choice. – A security guard standing nearby responded. All the team members turned towards him. Drake stood up and also helped his girlfriend in that.
- Can you explain? – Will asked.
- Have you heard the welcoming phrase? That's true. Hakdok is the hottest planet in the Free Heaven Movement. Most of the outside is actually uninhabitable.
- The atmosphere?
- Partially. The sun is also too near, and the volcanic activity doesn't help at all. Actually, even the neighborhood of the Monument is also not suitable for human life.
- What?! – Shiori and Nathan were surprised.
- Our predecessors have built only a small sealing room first, since the hostile environment caused even the neighborhood on the other side quite harsh, but during the centuries, it was slowly expanding, and now, for an entire millennium, this enormous lobby welcomes every passengers who arrive to Hakdok!
- Amazing, for sure! – Drake said. – But who are those "passengers"? I mean, where all those gates lead?
- Well, as you can see, there are nine spatial warps. The first one opens directly from Poepra, the capital.
- Yes, that's where we come from. – Shiori said.
- That's the only white gate sadly, though, and thus, the only stable one. There are four blue ones, to our brothers at Cyartov and Shikebi, our allies at Nep and our alien comrades at Larla.
- Aurosts?
- Right. All of those are closed currently, though. They are expected to open during the next week.
Drake looked at Will first, then to Shiori, and then back to the guard.
- And the rest?
- There are three purple ones. You know, those with random destination. Those are closed for public transport. Currently the only way out beyond Poepra is the ninth gate, but that's an orange one.
- And where does that lead?!
- Kid…do you know orange gates are one-way only?
- You don't get it! We must go on! We are looking for the Gate!
- The Gate?! - The guard laughed. – You're surely strange folks, but as you wish…the orange gate is opened up to the end of the month and opened for public transport, but…we don't know currently, where that leads. The only possibility our eggheads found out so far is a 30 percent likeliness that it leads to one of the Sun Serpent planets, you know, the ones with those names that are impossible to pronounce. Not sure if you want to take the risk.
- Of course we do! – The metalhead was not less ambitious, and pointed towards his female fellow. – She was raised in the jungle, with her, we can't lose there!
- And nowhere else with us. – Nathan noted. – But this filthy punk of course forgets us!
Drake then looked at the half-naked guy, and pointed towards Shiori's breasts.
- She has THAT, of course I thought of her firstly!
- Haha, I see! – The guard laughed and started walking away. – Good luck then! To that…"gate".
- I guess he doesn't take us seriously. – Will quietly noted as the rest of the team was looking him leaving.
- I don't give a shit, Jumper. – Drake replied. – We won't be here to see their faces when we cross the Gate, but I can imagine their amazement after doing so.
- And that's what keeps you motivated after half a year and tens of planets, eh? – Red asked.
- FUCK YEAH! – The metalhead shouted, jumping to the air. This brought the attention of the passengers nearby, but they soon continued their original path.

Some minutes later, Nate, Drake and Shiori were sitting on a bench, waiting for Will who was buying some food for them at a kiosk. They kept on staring the ads and the crowd silently, until Shiori said:
- So, what are we gonna do anyways?
- Sun Serpent action! – Drake shouted but he was hit by the amazon.
- No way, Drake! You can't drag me through that shit until we can't find out, where that leads EXACTLY!
- You can't enjoy the journey, girl.
- Use your brain, you idiot! What if we arrive to a similar planet? Can't you hear that the neighboring area can be hostile as well if the connected ones are uninhabitable?
- I have no fear of that!
- Because you're an idiot, Drake!
They kept on arguing in a similar fashion while Red spread on the bench carelessly, checking out the most charming women in the crowd; soon, the grey-skinned came back with three paper bags. He handed one to the orange-haired, and sighed when he noticed the duo arguing again.
- What's up now? – He asked quietly, as usual.
- Our precious amazon lingerie model is not willing to cross the orange gate, while the punk is almost intransigent in the matter. One is worse than the other, I swear.
Jumper smiled and then, he sat down between the arguing couple and the orange-haired, and turned to the former.
- I also wouldn't support going through that. – But they did not pay attention to him. – I SAID I WOULD NOT SUPPORT GOING THROUGH THE ORANGE GATE, FUCKER! – He shouted again, hitting the metalhead strongly to his back this time. He then stopped his pointless quarrel with his loved one, and turned towards the grey-skin.
- Don't do that, Jumper! Gonna be exciting!
- Shiori is right, asshole! None of us wants to jump into the middle of a gas giant, if that's the case! That's impossible to survive, even for me.
- But damn! – Drake went silent for some second. – I won't keep waiting until next week!
- In turn, you will, Drake! – Red leant forward on the bench to make eye contact with the metalhead.
- But…
- Hey, it's not the first time since we left Nebula City.
- But Nebula City was a fascinating space station, just like Nabdario nearby.
- Ah yes! – Shiori burst out with shining eyes. – Those caterpillar people were sooooooo cute!
The men were looking at him with slightly horrified look before returning to the matter.
- Yes, Nabdario was cool – Red continued. - , but it's not Nabdario, it's a damn volcanic planet, so we must keep waiting inside here!
- No way, man! We don't even know where those escalators bring us, what if there are other cities out there? Heck, what if there's a city below us?!
- Do you think we can go there or get anything by free? – Jumper asked. – Don't forget that we spent almost all our money when we left Micah and the others back in Nebula City!
- By the way, why did we leave them behind at all? Hammer is sick of being in space.
- But Woe was not willing to leave the station, after all those incidents on Karavode, you know…
- And Hammer would never leave him alone. –Shiori noted. – And Micah…well, he's not prepared for so many portal travels, apparently.
- Which is ridiculous, considering he's the oldest of all of us…
- …chronologically! – Jumper said. – But he's still a ten years old boy, don't forget.
- With dissociative identity disorder.
- Exactly. – The grey-skinned then handed one of the paper bags to the couple and started unpacking a sandwich from his own one. – But now, instead of nostalgia, eat! We'll look around after that.
Drake nodded and then noted:
- Actually, I don't mind so much staying here if we have ANYTHING to do. You know that I'm sensitive to sensory deprivation. I've had that way too much times.
- Yeah, yeah, right, I got it. - The grey-skinned was waving with his left hand carelessly while keeping the sandwich he was eating in the right one. – No problem, just relax and eat.
After that, some minutes of silence have come until they finished and went on to explore the lower levels.

- Brother, they're here!
A short orange-haired girl was running in one of the lower floors of the Monument Hall. She wore sneakers, white jeans exposing some of her thighs and a bright blue shirt. She shouted after a strange human, who was supporting the wall in a small alley, covering his face with the shadow of his black sweater's hood. His jeans were pale and were seemingly bigger than his shape justified.
- Brother!
She kept on shouting. He did not notice her sister shouting; insomnia and caffeine overdose slightly deadened his concentration. He was on the edge of something terrible; he was aware of things to come, on which only a certain pair could help. His sister's voice however made him relieved as they reached him, as well as she did.
- Sam! – He shouted as he noticed her presence. – Is that true?! Are they here?
- Well… - The girl was still gasping of the tiredness of the intensive run. – I could not find neither the Destroyer, the Lightning Fist nor the Pistol Finger, but the rest are there!
- Even the Atmo-Jumper?
- Yes, even the Atmo-Jumper!
The strange man smiled.
- Let's go then! Where did you find them?
- They're in the Main Lobby, now heading down from Mayes' kiosk to here.
- Great! – He revealed his face, revealing dark red skin and his arrow shaped black tattoo around his eyes, and placed his palm on her right shoulder. – My darling, it seems that we may stop the rats of the Red Fist and save Dr. Jensen!
The girl smiled gently before turning to show the way.

- Did that taste like chicken?!
- Absolutely! That was the most disgusting yet edible shit I've ever had to eat during my military service at the Atmo-Jumper Guild!
It's been for more than two hours that the Darkeye Duo and two of their closest fellows arrived to the planet Hakdok. They were looking around on the first lower level of the main lobby, walking and sharing some additional stories from their lives. Jumper had a slight advantage in the matter since unlike Red, he spent quite a lot of time on planets and moons; at various places all around the galaxy they only called the Cosmic Disk.
- Well, that must have taste DEFINITELY worse than chicken. – Red noted after the amazement from Drake's face disappeared.
- I say it was chicken! Okay, well, there at the Republic Forces, we got only Zillas, which are far from proper chickens as you know, but…
- Hey! – Drake interrupted him. – Zillas are terrible, that taste is not that hard to reproduce…
- But on a bioengineered mammal?!
- DNA surgery. That shit makes anything possible!
All but Shiori nodded.
- Anyway, boys… - She said. – Are there any lower levels? There doesn't seem to be much more but shops and… storages I guess?
- The sign at the escalator told there are five more opened floors below. – Jumper responded. – Not sure what's below but I guess we can find a hotel or something. Who knows, we may be allowed to sleep there for free, you heard what the officer said. About that Central Order or whatever.
- INDEED! – Drake shouted out and started grinning. – DAMN, I totally missed! We can buy ANYTHING we need to go on, we got some kind of protection from Poepra!
Shiori, in a respone, kicked him on the back of his right thigh.
- Idiot! We can't take advantage of Daniki's help that way!
- Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! – The orange-haired was also grinning, rubbing his palms. – Not that fast, Shiori! Drake's right, we can get some REALLY useful stuff by the protection!
The amazon turned to Jumper desperately.
- Jumper, please, don't let them rob the entire level!
- Don't worry, they won't! – the grey-skinned smiled, then he quietly whispered "30 percent!" and made a kick into the air right in front of Nathan's chest. The green threads on his skin started to emit a weak green light before the kick, which was unexpectedly strong. Jumper made the air move with his kick so quickly that a second later, it drifted Red away – he flew ten meters until he smashed a trashcan nearby.
- Red, you filthy greedy bastard, don't even try anything or the next goes to you testicles! – Will shouted threateningly. Nate slowly stood up and with his first move he lifted up the trashcan, throwing with all of his force to Jumper's direction. He parried the attack by making another, similarly strong kick that make the can fly away to the right of him.
- You senile idiot, that kick almost made my heart stop! – He shouted out of his lungs.
- Don't whine, joker! I stopped before it could reach you!
- Don't treat me like this, bastard! – Electric arcs started to pop out around and on Nate as he started approaching. Both men stood into fighting positions, but Shiori intervened by standing between them.
- STOP! – She said. – We'll be kicked out of this place! Calm the hell down and act like a normal people.
- That'll be hard! – Drake laughed from the background. – We're all Supernatural humans, well, at least according to the Republic!
- Leave me alone with those lame jokes this time, Drake! – She shouted back. – These jackasses act like conflicting wolves and I have enough!
- At least, they showed they are the ones. – A young male voice interrupted them. All four turned to the direction, seeing a muscular, shirtless, black-haired male with strange black coloring around his eyes, bright red skin, and wearing pale blue jeans. A short orange-haired girl stood next to him; she was holding black clothing in her hands.
- IS THAT CONTAGIOUS?! – The metalhead shouted in a reflex, for which the amazon hit him in the head.
- Who are you? – She asked.
- And what do you mean by "the ones"? – The grey-skinned asked.
- And who's that charming lady on your side? – The orange-haired asked, making the girl blush.
The red man took some steps to get closer and raised his right hand to welcome them.
- You're the main members of the Gate Hunter Fellowship, aren't you? – He asked while smiling.
- Gate Hunter?
- Fellowship?
The team was surprised. They, and the trio who was left behind this time has been wandering through the galaxy together for months now, but they have never heard such a naming about themselves.
- This is how you're called everywhere in the confederacy! – The girl answered, smiling.
- My name is Logan Jackson, but the Hakdok people and the other Free Heaven pals only call me Diablo.
- Superhuman name? – Jumper asked while shaking hands with the mysterious man. He nodded.
- But I'm not a non-temporal. Still not a loved one within the Republic. – He laughed while shaking hands with Red. Then he pointed out to the girl back. – And she's Samantha, my little sister.
- How old is she? – Red asked but was interrupted by the approaching Shiori.
- Who are you and what do you want? I'm sorry, but I have the reason to be suspicious by the welcome of a red-skinned male in the lobby of a still unknown planet.
- Oh, didn't you hear the welcoming phrase?
- Of course we did!
- Then you know half of the story. – He smiled. – I'm practically the guardian of this planet, the strongest Supernatural human near and far.
- Who says? – Drake asked.
- Well, as you can see, there's little to no traffic here if we don't count Poepra. I guess you came from there. – All four nodded. – Our brother planets have way less Supernatural people, most are working in the Space Angels, thus only guys like me take the responsibility of local defense.
- On an entire planet?!
- Well, places beyond this lobby and the Cloudless Pole are not really inhabited. You may guess, why, but I can explain anything. Do you need a place to rest?
Drake nodded exaggeratedly frequently, indicating "yes", but Shiori interrupted him.
- No way we follow you! Why do you need us, if you're an actual guardian at all?
- Please, trust my brother! – The girl stepped into from the background. – Please, we beg your help!
Diablo waved towards his sister.
- Sam, please, don't. Let me handle this! – He turned to the team. – Look, I know you're the Darkeye Duo, Punk alias Drifter and Amazon, and you guys are the Jumper and the Lightning Man alias Red. You're among the most powerful Supernatural people in the galaxy, the entire world is loud of your stories about your role in defeating the Darkeye Society, the Justice Empire Dragon Legion or making end to the Cloudan siege in Nebula City!
- Yeah, that was helluva tough! – Drake laughed. – I thought I'll fly out of the base!
- We wouldn't have been able to do anything without the help of the pirates, anyway. – Red noted. – What you've heard about the Nebula events are only half of the truth. Nasty betrayals and such…
- That doesn't matter, my friend! What matters is that you're on a great way of fulfilling your goals, and I know and everyone knows, even the Central Office that you're on a journey to find the portal to planet Ontenedis, that's possibly another key to the Gate! I can offer some help, in the name of the entire Free Heaven Movement, if you can help us!
- Go on… - Drifter answered, now in a much more serious tone.
- Hakdok is in danger. To be very short: the Cloudless Pole is habitable only by the maintenance of a gigantic Shaper terraforming mechanism. This is organized and controlled by a Shaun Jensen, an amazing engineer sent by the Future Empire to our help. He stated however, that the terraforming system is extremely fragile, and despite he can keep it up work, some of us had the fear that some of our enemies may want to destabilize it, what would lead a really painful death of the Hakdokian nation!
- I'm sorry, we are not engineers. – Jumper said.
- Not that's what we need. Our intelligence could find out…
- Free Heaven has intelligence? – Nate asked.
- Oh, sure it has! We are several enemies: the Church, the Reds, the Republic, even those scums at the Justice Empire…anyway, our intelligence could find out that a Supernatural human is sent here by the Reds to assassinate Dr. Jensen and collapse the ecosystem at the Pole! We need your help to locate and liquidate him!
- We may help for some rewards…
- And of course, for teaching a lesson or two to those low-life scurfs of the Red Fist! – Drake noted.
- Please! – Sam went closer to Nathan, almost crying. – All our friends and families, the whole population of the planet is up there! We can't lose it! We would…we would collapse entirely.
The orange-haired leant almost embarrassingly close, gently grabbed one of her hands and whispered:
- We'll try to do our best, Samantha! Just don't worry, that'd ruin your beauty.
- AND YOU LET HIM DO THAT?! – Jumper shouted, standing next to Diablo.
- She's already 19, I can't tell her, what to do! – He laughed. – I'm also sure she'd be in good hands with him.
- He's a gambler from the biggest casino of the universe! I'd castrate him personally with a blunt buttering knife if she'd be my daughter! Did she lost her virginity at all?!
Diablo raised his shoulders.
- I don't know, that's her business. But I guess I'll have some days to find out if I made the right decision. Unless you refuse my proposal, but I REALLY think you'd rather stay at our humble home than here. – He leant closer to the grey-skinned and whispered. – Things are extremely expensive here anyway.
- WHO SAID EXPENSIVE?! – Red burst out like an animal soon after moving away from Sam. – NO WAY I'D PAY FOR AN EXPENSIVE HOTEL! Drake, Shio, Will, let's go! We're moving to the north, with Devilskin!
- Diablo, you jerk, Diablo… - Shiori responded, while Logan and his sister were laughing and Will sighed.
- Well, we have no choice then. – The grey-skinned said. – How long does it take at all?
- About four days with the subway, I guess.
- WHAT?! – Drake shouted in surprise. – Does the subway go up to north?!
- Hey, it's a small planet! Subway lines go out everywhere! And the Monument Hall is on the northern hemisphere anyway.
- Then I guess we won't see the lava oceans out there.
- You had better not experience that scenery. – Diablo replied. – That's like hell!
- Well, since we're non-temporals, this universe is likely what we define hell. – Drifter smiled.
- Or Heaven. – Jumper noted. – Just like you call your movement so.
Sam smiled and stepped to his brother, giving back his sweater to him. The devil-skinned put that back and then gently grabbed his sister's hand, walking towards to another escalator, leading down.
- Okay, I consider this matter being discussed. Now follow me! And please, don't call me Diablo in the presence of others. I don't want anyone to know I'm here. – Sam reacted almost immediately:
- Saying that after you exposed your entire bust to the shoppers on this level, that's pretty strange.
- I'm sorry sis, the Darkeye Duo must have seen me to believe.
Then they start walking slowly followed by the metalhead, the amazon, the orange-haired and the grey-skinned.

- Wolf Eye calls Pinfinger, I repeat, Wolf Eye calls Pinfinger, over.
A man in a fully covering dark brown jacket was supporting the wall in the dimness of the storage. The sash door for opened for a very slight gap, that barely allowed even himself to stare the corridor.
- Wolf Eye, this is Pinfinger Squad, what do you want? I repeat, what do you want? Over.
A response arrived to his call very soon; the radio device was barely hearable. The man raised that back to his mouth and went on whispering:
- The Devil has left the building, I repeat, the devil has left the building. The Fellows are with him, I repeat, the Fellows are with him. Over.
- What’s the situation? Over.
- The Galarian, the Brown and the Kid are not present. Only the Punk, the Amazon, the Starman and the Jumper are entered. I repeat, only the Punk, the Amazon, the Starman and the Jumper are entered, over.
- And the Devil’s at the Gate? Over.
- Positive. The building’s unguarded. Expected arrival within 96 hours, I repeat, expected arrival within 96 hours. Over.
- Great! Wolf Eye follows the Devil and does a sabotage action if possible. Understood? Over.
- Understood! Wolf Eye will proceed. Over.
- For the Red Dominion! Over and exit.
- For the Red Dominion! Over and exit. – With the final phrase, the man turned off the device and started packing various items to a backpack next to him. He got his new mission; a task that increased the danger the guardian of this planet had to face.

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