Writing: Saviors of Hakdok (unfinished work) - Chapter 3

The third and final finished chapter.

- Who's the boss here?!
An extremely tall and muscular person shouted as he was walking out of the terminal the Gate Hunters used some days ago to arrive. He wore a simple dark red iron mask, and a cloak made out of grey fur. On his thick leather belt, at least half a dozen weapons were mounted; his camouflage pants covered apparently huge black boots. Below the cloak, he wore an enormous silver bulletproof armor that was worn above a similar camouflage patterned shirt.
The guards soon gathered around the man who was much taller than two meters, and who was followed by similarly muscular, masked but less tall people. All were scared, as none conformed to the presence of such people – especially seeing that they are more than ready to fight.
- I asked. WHO'S THE BOSS HERE?!
- Sir, your behavior is disturb-
A security personnel attempted to warn the tallest person, but as he started speaking, that raised up his arm, pointing with his finger towards the guard's head – within the blink of an eye, a gigantic but short steel needle popped out of the finger, drilling through the skull of the man, killing him instantly, finally deepening into the dark green tile.
- I'm not talking to servants! I demand the presence of the leader of this building!
People started panicking within the hall, attempting to escape by any possible means. The terminals were however mostly closed – those who attempted to enter to the Poepra portal terminal found only the bloody remains of the officer and the other personnel within, and a huge set of steel pillars, beams and scraps in the way of the spatial warp, making escape impossible.
After the first murder, the guards opened fire, but they were quickly shot to death by the other people. Those who were spectating the tragedy quickly ran away. It did not take much time, until a policeman, wearing the standard blue helmet and black bulletproof vest banged on the door of the Field Director – he was staring down from his pale yellow room which was provided for him near to the globular middle of the tower the Monument had.
- Sir, you must go down IMMEDIATELY! – He shouted.
- I know, I know. – The answer came after a sigh. – I see what's happening. Seems that the Reds fooled the Centrals to infiltrate into Hakdok. Whatever the Poeprans attempt to do, from this point we are hostages.
- Sir…please come! We'll provide the possible strongest defense!
The director approved. Indeed, soon he reached the ground floor, where the passengers used to travel and approached the iron-masked man; he was standing alone at this point, his soldiers were shepherding the civilian passengers down to the lower levels, while some of the rest checked and ultimately closed the other terminals, sealing the portals where it was necessary.
- How could twenty of them secure the entire building at all? – One of the escorting privates asked the director, but he straightened his tie instead of answer.
- These are extremely dangerous people, proceed with caution! – He said. – You are the only armed personnel on the ground floor, the rest are among the civilians below us. Now, for you, the most important rule is to avoid ANY suspicious or hostile motion or act! Only I can negotiate with them!
- Right, sir! – The soldiers saluted and placed their transparent bulletproof shields in a circular fashion around the director. In the formation, they soon arrived.
- Are YOU the boss?! – The tall man yelled; his echo spread through the now near empty hall. – You're our puppet now, servant! Surrender and obey rebel roach!
- I do, Pinfinger! – The director shouted back. – I swear to all my personnel within the building and below, in the arcology, that we are NOT going to resist to our orders!
The tall man grumbled, resembling a laugh.
- Riiiight, right! It looks like you've learnt where's your place, at last!
- The civilians are not responsible for anything! – The director feared asking for anything, or even asking a single question. He knew the nature of Matveev too well; but the colonel sergeant only spit down to one of the glass shields.
- They are roaches too! When we capture the planet, they must be punished for their treachery! We are the Fist! The first of the Red Dominion in humanity, and the rebel roaches MUST SUFFER for what they have done!
- The civilians have never acted against the Red Fist, sir! – As he knew not only the tall man, but the Red Fist as well, the director attempted to save what he could in this tense and desperate situation. – My words are trustworthy, Colonel General! When I was organizing the activity here, we've never allowed crossing the borders for criminal!
- LIAR! – Pinfinger swished his left hand; two needles flew out, both penetrating a shield, but not killing anyone. Both soldiers were throwing their shields in their scare; the needles stopped near to their faces.
- Hostile behavior is unnecessary and fruitless, sir! – The director shouted.
- You can't change the outcome, servant! I take over the building, and soon, this place is going to the biggest center of this shithole!
- Pole City is our biggest town, sir.
- But Pole City won't be more than the decaying and melting ruins of your nation's disobedience, roach!
- You…
- Our people are deeply inside the city! So deeply that they already ensnared the entirety of it!
- You can't say that…
- Yes I do! I've already got the contact with the comrades within the Facility!
- You've got to be kidding me!
- WATCH YOUR MOUTH, ROACH! – Pinfinger pointed towards a soldier in front of the director, and shot another needle out. This time the projectile flew through both the shield and the soldier's neck, only to land near to the director's foot. He jumped back in his scare; blood soon reached him from the soldier's body. The rest of the squad took out their rifles but without shooting.
- The infrastructure up there and around is worth thousands of billions of credits! The entire planet lives on the food and electricity that is produced there! If you destroy, not only the people will die but the economy collapses as well!
- When the Red Dominion will reach the neighboring planets, the comrades will be freed from the awaiting rationing!
- There are overall 3 million people only below our feet and near here in Base City 2! Rationing won't feed them at all for fuck's sake!
Pinfinger shook his palms; all his fingers were now ended in a metal needle.
- ONE LAST WORD! One last word and you die, servant! You now stop speaking and shut up your mouth! The civilians will be punished, just like Pole City and the roaches up there and you must not argue against! From now, I'm the ruler of both the Hall, the levels below, and the arcology! And now, follow the civilians and get out of my sight! You and your puppets!
The director turned down his head. Preparing for whatever was going to happen to him, he stepped into the bloody puddle, walked over the corpse of the soldier, went into the front of the Colonel General, looked up in anger and shouted:
Then he put his hand below his brown suit, and threw an orb out. He was impaled by the tall man's needles before blinding white light appeared from the orb. At this point, needles started to fly out of the glowing shape into various directions. The soldiers, who were previously protecting the director, now took an attacking formation, shooting without stop from behind their shields. In the intense heat of the assault, even some grenades were thrown, but soon, Pinfinger broke out in running, attacking the soldiers by hand. Those who were hit by them had their shield cracked or broken and flew several meters in the air before hitting the ground. Some of them could even notice the new appearance of the Red Fist officer; he was now wearing a helmet resembling a wolf's head, in coloration it fitted to the cloak perfectly.
A firefight escalated quickly, as some soldiers escaped from Pinfinger's presence quickly; they knew they couldn't stand a chance against an Ethereal Energy user. In their run, the last thing they could see behind was the rest of their associates being impaled as the tall man turned during a jump, making his cloak flying up, exposing his enormous back, with a Red Fist symbol on it: a stylized hammer and sickle, made out of a single line, with a circle at their crossing point and human fist rising from below to that direction.

Will opened the door of the Jackson apartment aggressively; Shiori was staring at him as he was sitting across in a dark brown armchair next to the entrance in the living room, hanging down her legs, reading something on a touchscreen not so long ago.
It's been for two days that the Gate Hunters and the Hakdokians arrived to Pole City. It was the first time any of them have spent longer time out of the house, as they arrived to the subway station only to fall into the middle of an emergency situation; bombs were placed all around, and people wearing wolf mask attacked both the passengers and the policemen. They were looking for the team and despite this fact really upset the amazon and the devil-skinned, blaming themselves, all of them were able to escape in safety and proceed to the place where Diablo, his sister and their father lived.
It was a small but comfortable house; newly built, with a floor above and a huge basement below, a small garden and practically everything that was available in the suburbs of Pole City. It was not much different from something the Ancient People got used to back in the Old Earth Ages; still seemed more than perfect, though, for people living on the boundaries of the Free Heaven Movement.
- What are you looking at?! – The grey-skinned asked in impatience as he entered the room, taking of his boots carelessly.
- Would you explain why did you do that?! – Another impatient and angry man rushed into the building; it was Nathan, who has been on a shopping tour with the veteran.
- Shut up, Nate! – The grey-skinned turned quickly to shout into the other's face. – I told it was an accident but you still deserved! I won't let you fuck around!
- But in the middle of the hypermarket?!
- I couldn't see the desk behind you!
Jumper threw his shirt to the couch behind Shiori and laid down. Drake was watching the television, sitting next to him in another armchair. He did not pay attention to the men, though he produced a small smile partially listening to their yell.
The veteran looked out to the kitchen from his place; his head was exactly in front of it as no doors separated it from the living room. The shape of Sam was clearly visible in the contrast of the dark yellow tiles of the lower half of the wall and the plain tiles of the floor. She was washing the plates in a white apron; she turned her head to the left when she noticed the noises from the neighboring room.
Red hurried to the kitchen, wearing a white shirt with a wide grey stripe this time. Before entering and sitting down to a chair, he raised his index finger, pointing towards Will with threat and said:
- Don't think you got away with it! We'll fight this match down there!
- Huh? – The grey-skinned raised his eyebrow. – What do you mean?
- The training room below the basement, asshole!
He jumped up in the couch, turning to his side to face the metalhead.
- What?! Drake, is there a training room below this freakin' house?
He nodded while yawning.
- Yup, Diablo and his father are training there.
- Why didn't you tell that?! – The veteran shouted. – We're here for almost two entire days!
Drake glanced to his left, supporting his head with his left arm.
- You've been outside or whatever. Shio, can you show him the room?
The amazon yawned and stood up soon, stretching her arms.
- Yeah, yeah, I'd have fallen asleep anyway. – She said, and went out of the room to a narrow, alley-like segment of the room, opening a door. Jumper was followed, not with his shirt taken back. It seems he did not have need to actually relax, but only to calm down after Nate pissed him off. The orange-haired calmed down much earlier, though; he was sitting in the kitchen, supporting the wall instead of the backrest of the chair at the wall. He had his fingers wrapped around a crystal glass; its white material was opaque, but a large bottle on the table quickly was telltale enough about that he was drinking ice tea, flavored in a banana-shaped, but mild red colored fruit – as the label indicated.
- Boys, if you're hungry, the mochs are about to be ready! – Sam told to the remaining ones; she stood in front of a neighboring counter this time, as she was done for the wash. The girl was facing a metallic hemisphere-shaped device, pressing some red-lit buttons, after which the device opened and released four rectangular plates, each containing a grilled sandwich. These were similarly colored as regular breads known from the recipes inherited from the Old Earth Ages, but they had a strange slightly hexagonal shape instead – precisely based on the Poepran method.
- If you're still hungry, the nerk is also cooking below them! - Drake was already sitting on the other end of the table when Sam spoke out these words, spending some additional time to add dressings and a small cooked meat chunk to the meal. She was whistling quietly, while dancing in happiness, slightly moving her hip left and right. Nathan, when looked to the girl, poked Drake shortly thereafter, and when the boy paid attention to him, the starman leant as close to him as possible, and whispered in a wide grin while still staring at the girl's back:
- Hey, Drake! Drake, look at that ass!
Drifter turned to the girl, staring at him; he silently approved Red's suggestion with a similarly wide grin. Indeed their reaction was not unreasonable; the short-haired beauty wore really short jeans, highlighting her bottom and exposing most of her thighs. She did not wear such pants to seduce men; of course, she was satisfied by experiencing the obvious glance, what made her clothing a bit scantily was the rather hot climate of Pole City. Despite any terraforming attempt, the Sun was still so close to Hakdok that even on the poles, where the sunshine's angle of incidence was the biggest, the average temperature resembled the Mediterranean planets – or the traditional southern countries of the oldest continent, back in the Old Earth Ages. It was hard to accommodate to for the Gate Hunters; in his discomfort, Drake wore nothing but his boxer shorts and his pale blue vest, without shirt under.
What was clearly sure is that in that very moment, neither the orange-haired male nor the teenager minded the hot climate. Drake, before grinning, expressed surprise in whisper:
- Goood daaaamn.
- That's what you call something, aren't you? – The starman could barely stand laughing.
- Holy Hell, yes! Didn't even notice yet that she's so hot!
- Okay well, not the tier of Shio but damn!
- Not the tier of Shio? Are you kidding?! – The metalhead was almost too loud to be heard by the short-haired. – Look at her face!
- Not the face, jackass.
- Okay, well, Shio's ass is definitely as stiff as hers look like, but…but also bigger.
- Hey, she's not overweight or something, don't tell me…
- No, no, definitely not but… - Drifter stopped for some second, as he also leant closer to Red, elbowing on the table. – Look, she's just muscular but definitely not less graceful. Trust me, she's a goddess!
- Of course, of course, Drake, I got it. I do not doubt, she's damn hot! But Sammy…I mean, check her out again! Slim and small, like a fragile flower!
The metalhead had a last attempt to stare the girl's breathtaking build, but when he looked to his left, she was already turning, being ready to serve.
- Moch with fire shrimp meat and White Spice! Sorry, boys, it's just some quick-made junk food, but I hope that's enough 'til the bread for the nerk is baked! – She said as she put down the plates; two in front of the boys, and two in the middle, next to Red's drink. While Drake started to ret the meat into the sauce almost immediately, the orange-haired stared the other orange-haired, who was leaning in a cute smile. The male was touched by her beauty – it was the very first time that it happened to him so deeply for over half a century. He did not intend to be obtrusive, indecent or irritating to those who gave himself and his team a shelter, so he kept flirting with her on a very solid and low level; this time, however, Minkren took the lead. He carefully caressed the supporting hand of the short-haired, from her fingers going up slowly and gently to her upper arm, and going back to her elbow; knowing the comfortable feeling of receiving it, he kept on caressing here.
- Everything's perfect, if you make that for us, Sammy! – No one from the team nicknamed the girl since their meet. – I do appreciate you effort you put into our comfort!
- Oh, come on! – She touched her own face in embarrassment, but she could not hide she enjoyed his reaction. – It's really just about putting some cheap vegetable and minced meat mix into the…
- Ssssh! – Red put his index finger to the girl's mouth to make her stop talking. – It doesn't matter, it means a lot for me! - Both were staring at each other in a hidden passion, but the beauty of the moment was quickly crashed as Red noticed the hand of the teenager reaching out to one of his plates.
- DRAKE, YOU MOTHERFUCKER, do not even try to steal my food or I rip your metallic parts out!
The starman poked his palm with a fork, not even letting out the Hakdokian girl's hand.
- Eat then, dumbass! Foods before hoes! – Drake answered with mouth full. Red just look at him with an annoyed look, then sent a final smile to the chortling girl before starting to eat his meal.
- Enjoy you meal! - Sam said, then took off her apron, hanging it up to the wall near to the wash, and left the kitchen.

A quiet knocking could be heard on the door of the bedroom. It was Red, who slowly opened the door, knowing he’s an expected guest this time.
- I’m here as you asked, Sammy. – He whispered; when the dinner was made and the others went up from the training room to eat, the short-haired girl did so next to the starman – during that, she suggested to the male to visit her in the her room after dinner. Nate washed the plates and smoke a cigarette with the old Jackson and Will before going up.
The girl welcomed him sitting on the edge of the bed in a short white shirt and panties; again, it was made to seduce him, but only the hot climate – at least that was what she was saying to herself.
- Cool! – Sam burst out in moderate happiness when she saw him. – Sorry for being underdressed, I hope it’s not embarrassing for your or something.
- Hey, just look at me! – Red scratched his nape; he was shirtless as usual. – I practically live without shirt, so if it doesn’t bother you, then fine by me.
Sam smiled. The orange-haired male slightly blushed when he checked her face; he found it cute. The girl then stood up, went behind the male and closed the door. She even locked the door, which was despite a reflex-like motion from her, made some wild guesses in Red’s head.
- Soooo, what do you want? – He asked.
- Oh well… - She stepped to the coffee table in front of her bed, taking a bottle on it to her hand and brought that to him. – I have a bottle of fruit beer. I saw you like fruit-flavored ice tea so I thought you may like it too.
- Ah, thanks! – Red smiled as the Hakdokian handed the bottle to him. – That’s very nice!
- Would you like to…
- …to drink that with you? – He interrupted her with a wide smile. – Of course, that was my first thought. There are the rumors that I’m greedy but I’m not beyond the line.
The girl nodded in smile, grabbed the free right hand of Nate and gently dragged him to the balcony on the other side of the room. The pair then sat down next to each other in that, staring the dark blue sky. The scenery of Pole City was not less amazing for the starman, though: even from the first floor balcony, the entire downtown was visible. All the skyscrapers, the various street lights, the moving dots of headlights, even some on the sky, the gigantic silvery arch in the middle that indicated the location of the terraforming facility underground; the solar panel farms all around the city borders, now covered by complete darkness; the smaller city dots in the background; even the slightly red, slightly dark claret colored edge of the horizon amazed him.
He and the Hakdokian girl were talking for more than two hours then; their discussions were filled with grief, laugh and amazement as they spoke about everything from their past through the neighboring planets to the history of Hakdok. Suddenly, Red noticed they ran out of drink, so he asked:
- Damn Sammy, can’t you feel this heat? This brew must hit me hard!
- Me too then, because it’s damn warm! – She responded in an unusually careless tone. – It comes from beyond the horizon.
- Ah, so that’s why it’s colored red!
- Yup, that’ from the volcanoes. Sadly the terraformer couldn’t do much for it, so we attempt to live on it.
- Isn’t it creepy to live so near to a star, AND on a volcanic planet with a terraformer that barely works?
The short-haired shook her head.
- It’s our home, Nate. We got used to it and even if we wouldn’t…what to do? Fifteen million people can’t escape to the Capital so easily, and our brothers on the other portals are not less overwhelmed. - Nathan sighed; the girl went on after a short pause: - We do what we can and Dr. Jensen helps us at anything he can. All the Future Empire researchers are quite nice actually.
- That’s what you would expect from those who actually seek the future.
- Do you think they will find that?
The orange-haired male pointed to the sky, exactly to a thin dark red line and a pale red circular shape in the middle of the sky. She looked up and checked it out, but still had questions.
- The Leading Axis? What about that?
Red shook his head.
- Nope, that’s not an axis. That’s not even a star. That is called the Beacon World, and it leads to the answer of all our questions.
- Beacon World?
Red nodded.
- Future Empire eggheads, and even some pals at Nebula City guess it is a Shaper superstructure and the source of the Planet Monumenets. We with Drake really wonder if it’s related to the Gate. - Sam listened to him with widened eyes. The male paused a bit, then continued: - We are likely far from that, but if it’s actually a map of the galaxy, then we can proceed to our destination VERY quickly. Of course, there’s this impending warfare on the Cloudans, as you could hear, how they attacked us on Nebula City…we are close to declare war on them, since the filthy pirates are not tolerable for much time, but… - He sighed. – But what matters is only the final destination. Drake has this hatred on the Red Fist scum, but you should understand – And he turned to front of the girl. -, that without any further help your brother and Jensen can provide, we just simply wouldn’t be able to risk such a mission. It’s not about not helping you, but not being able to help. Even that situation at the station was too hot.
- Nate… - The girl looked away. – Don’t talk like that!
- Don’t worry! – He took his palm to her face, starting to caress it. – As I said, I’m not beyond that line. I see your defenselessness and need in your situation and now, as we, I mean, my team and your brother are closer, we are all fully devoted to the case. I’m just saying that there are sixteen million colonies in the Cosmic Disk and the seven of us are way not enough to help every single one.
Sam looked back to the male with mixed sad and embarrassed look, while he still caressed her face.
- Nate…
- Yes?
- Am I really like her?
- What?
- Shiori told me, why you follow Drake to find the Gate.
The starman grabbed his own head in nervousness.
- She told that?!
- Yes, but… - The short-haired attempted to calm him down, unsuccessfully: the starman stood up in a jump and leant out of the balcony so far he almost fell down.
- SHIORI, YOU GOSSIPMONGER! – He shouted to the direction of the couple’s bedroom, shaking his left fist in anger. – I’ll rip your head off for this!
- STOP! – Sam yelled as she pulled back the male. – I was the one who asked!
She faced Nate very close and soon, grabbed his nape and dragged closer, giving him a quick yet hot kiss.
- Shiori told me you tend to like me because I’m like a dream girl you’re looking for!
- It’s my own god damn business and no one should kno…
- I want to be that girl!
The world turned around both the Hakdokian girl and the starman, as she interrupted him. Seconds of silence dismay as coming as they stared each other in blush. Romantic situations were not unusual for the two hundred years old non-temporal male, but since no one knew about his secret desire, the feeling of hearing such thing moved him. Still, though, he tried to cover this by turning away with a mean response:
- You don’t get it, girl. I’m not the man you’re looking for and you’re not the girl I do. I’m a greedy, shady, mean criminal, damn I’m a wanted person in the Republic and even in the Sun Serpent Empire!
- I know, I know! – She shook him by grabbing his shoulders. – I’ve been following EVERY news of your team ever since the Darkeye Incident! You a hero and your friend are also heroes!
- Chh… - Red looked away in silent scorn. – A childish fangirl. Look, baby, I’m not more of a human than anyone else on this inhabitable rock ball or on ANY OTHER inhabitable rock balls! You need a better person than me! I’m leaving this world either way…don’t want to suffer my loss.
- I WILL! – Sam shouted, now in tears. – The world will! You don’t get it! The world needs to be fixed!
- You’ve also heard the view of Drake in this point. It’s a fucked up world, and even more fucked up for non-temporal people like me or him! Even remembering your own death is a complete nightmare, Sam! Can you imagine! Drake was shot in the head, I was electrocuted, Micah was hit by a car, DAMN, Eira committed suicide and was enslaved by the pirates when she arrived to this world! - Tears silently flew through the face of the Hakdokian girl. – And Shiori…for fuck’s sake, Shiori was ritually flayed and dismembered and she resurrected only to agonize a polluted industrial shithole, CAN YOU IMAGINE?!
- Don’t shout! – She cried at this point; her yell made Red to return from anger. The male went silent and turned his back to the girl, only to have a huge sigh, and stare the lights of the city.
- I’m sorry girl. – He said, now on an almost barely visible volume. – I’m terribly sorry. It’s just… - He sighed again. – It’s just all the shit that was piling up during the decades. People think it’s so awesome to be a non-temporal man, living forever and gaining all the abilities…seventy percent of every non-temporal in the galaxy do the Ethereal Energy Channeling, because it’s the only thing they are better at than regular humans. And it’s the only thing they can do without going insane. And the only thing none of could do pre-afterlife. It’s not about heroism, well, in some cases it is but heroes are dead. WE are dead. Dead heroes of billions of dead worlds. – Nate slowly turned back, seeing the girl wiping her tears, not even looking up. – We are tired, Sammy. We are tired as fuck. No one wants to live in such a world after experiencing death.
- But…but… - The short-haired sniffed, still not looking up. – But Drake is so playful! And Shiori looks happy too! And you and Jumper…as if you were rivaling brothers. And Eira and Chris…they are so glad together.
- Look, Drake is a special case…he has some sort of autism, I guess. Not a serious one, but still…being among people was a terrible obstacle for him. I think Shiori kind of catch his attitude as me or Jumper did as well. I don’t know actually, I’m also rarely as pessimist as now. I’m sorry anyway.
Red then stepped closer to the crying girl and embraced her to comfort her.
- I’m sorry Samy. I didn’t want to hurt you, because I indeed like you. Shio was right, you’re like the girl I’m looking for. But you’re too cute and nice for such a filthy scum, who’ll leave you alone anyway. I wanted everything on the world: money, power, planets, space stations, ice tea, prostitutes, weapons, tech, trophies…but when I realized that I can leave, after two damn centuries, all seemed to be nothing. It’s a great world, and is also great to conquer and get everything you want…but not for a non-temporal. I’m sorry girl, I don’t want you to be hurt more than today.
The short-haired requited the hug, finally stopped crying, and in a desperate look she lifted up her head, facing the starman.
- You know what? – She whispered. – Fuck your tiredness!
- What?!
- Fuck you, and your desperation, and your tiredness, and you self-sacrificing shitstorm!
- Wha…what do you mean?!
- I won’t let you to be the only victim here! If you leave, I follow you! If you want the world, I help you take it! And if you want a similar girl… - After this word, the short-haired kissed him again, now being more forceful with her tongue, and put her hands into the underwear of the male. – You get me then! ‘cause I didn’t call you to get drunk and get out without any care! I know what do you want, and I want you to take it!
Nathan looked back with widened eyes and dropped jaw. The starman thought he could judge her temperament precisely, but even during their loose speak she was not so wild, careless and sassy as now. And in that very moment, he understood that even though Sam is not THE girl he was looking for, maybe not even as good at fighting as he thought about that only legendarily existing girl in the other dimension; but she is the one he needs. As the metalhead found his missing piece in the amazon, as the Galarian found his missing piece in a depressive writer girl…well, the orange-haired male had no missing piece after two centuries of life; he has fulfilled practically everything he wanted to reach and that was missing from his life. No, the legend of the pirate girl was interesting to him because he thought she is identical to himself. He did not believe in legends; this one was the only exception in his indeed long life.
In that moment, on the balcony of a suburb house of a city of a badly terraformed region of a volcanic planet of a rebel movement of a decaying, isolated and mysterious galaxy of a shady and extremely far portion of the universe – on that place, even the only legend he has ever believed started to fade away. Knowing that his team relies on his power, and thus he cannot just leave solely because of changing his mind in his goal, he did not forget the shady idea of finding the pirate girl on the other side of the Gate. In that very moment, however, he forgot everything – the pirate girl, the alien pirates, the rivaling AIs, the rivaling dictatorships, the rivaling superpowers, the weird galactic core on the sky, the intense heat, even Jumper and Diablo in the neighboring bedroom.
- Whatever happens, find me before I cross the Gate! – He whispered with a more serious tone he has ever produced since his presence on Hakdok and kissed Sam. She requited, starting an intense, passionate, yet cheerful fight of their tongue inside each other’s mouth. The girl slowly and carefully started stepping back, dragging Nate back to the bedroom, only to fall to the bed with him. In a moment he dropped his jeans to the floor, and returned in a series of deep kisses, snuggling to the warm embrace of the girl. Both were still dressed, yet their most sensitive body parts were already touching and rubbing, intensifying the passion of both.
Sam moaned as a combined effect of this and the kisses of the male on her neck. She gave herself to the emotions, not dealing with the outer circumstances anymore. She was caressed by a legendary and extremely powerful member of a not less famous team, yet he took care of her even more than anyone else, has ever done to the Hakdokian girl.
- Put it in! – She whispered in a gasp.
- No foreplay? – The starman looked up, to her brown eyes. She just winked, caressing his face while taking off her pants and said while smiling:
- I’m ready for a long time, don’t care about that! – And while his partner also started taking off his boxer shorts, she noted: - You’ll have time to bring it on!
- What? Why?
- In the next round twenty minutes later! – She winked, but soon Red leant over her, giving a kiss and being ready to move in. He finally replied opinionatedly, with a careless and dirty smile:
- You mean, at least an hour later.
Sam smiled and closed her eyes.

The first shines of the ever brightening deep red horizon were about to light into the bedroom of the Jackson apartment; it was still almost dawn, but the gigantic sun on the sky was already about to go up. The first trails of the red morning sunlight went through on the calmly sleeping and snoring Logan without attention; soon, however, they approached a wrinkled, stubbled and tired face. It was William, sleeping next to the devil-skinned – or not sleeping, to be precise. Several factors disturbed him in doing so, thus when the strong light reached the green eyes of the middle-aged man, lying on his bed, in anger and tiredness, wearing nothing but checked loose boxer shorts, he sat up in the blink of an eye.
Diablo turned sleepily, staring at the angrily wheezing grey-skinned. He soon looked down at him, asking:
- The heat? Yeah, that was quite terrible today.
- NOT ONLY THAT! Sam and Red on the left, Drake and the blonde on the right…are these walls made of papers?!
- Technically th…
- Don’t even answer! I couldn’t sleep all damn night.
The devil-skinned raised his bright crimson head, pointing towards a dark brown sack on a counter in his bedroom, while he was yawning.
- If you want, you can make coffee in the Pot-Pet in the kitchen. Just strew the content of that sack into the pipe on its top, and add water, but be careful, that’s Hakdokian coffee, almost as strong as poison.
- Meh… - Jumper stood up, wiping sweat down from his forehead. – Let me worry about that. I’m not a pussy and I need some strong shit.
- ‘kay, but I keep on sleeping if you don’t mind.
- Go ahead! You’re the host.
Jumper then left the bedroom and started going down on the stairs; Shiori however left their own bedroom, entering to the corridor in front of the veteran. He was not happy for it, though; the amazon was wearing nothing but a dark green clothing apparently made of leaves, resembling a bra. Jumper despite made a quick glance on her exposed buttocks, but then noted, exceptionally calmly:
- Shiori, please, put something on yourself!
The shamangirl turned back, seeing the male slowly walking, covering his eyes with his right hand while carrying the sack in the left one.
- Oh…Will. I’m sorry I thought you’re sleeping.
- Let’s not talk about it. – He grumbled. – But for God’s sake, what if the old Jackson is below?
- What do you mean what? My breasts are covered.
- SHIORI! – The nervous male shouted again, but calmed down after a sigh. – Shiori, girl, we’ve discussed several times that it’s not a jungle, people here laugh at you, and you may even make them horny if you don’t cover your…ehm, your holy chancel.
- Hey, Diablo told to feel ourselves at home! And it’s damn hot inside anyway.
- SHIORI! – Jumper was about to lose his patience. – It’s a bit disrespectful, and also I can’t believe Drake allowed you to go out like this.
- Well… - She chuckled. – He does, after what I did five minutes ago!
- SHIORI! I’m not in the mood of jokes, and of stories about your sexual life neither.
- Okay, okay, I’m going back! Please knock if you’re done with the coffee, Drake may need it.
- Yeah, yeah just dress up properly please.
The amazon went back to the bedroom, while the tired veteran went down on the stairs, and walked into the kitchen for a coffee – or two.
The rest of the morning was not much different from the previous one. The Jumper sitting in the kitchen and eating the extremely strong coffee constantly was something new, such as the Nathan caressing Samantha's hip while she was preparing breakfast – the rest was the same, though. The balding red-haired old man sitting in the armchair, watching the local lightball match; the amazon, only wearing her green underwear made out of leaves, sitting in the coach, with the head of the drifter in her lap, caressing his reddish-brown hair; and the man with black tattoos around the eye and bright red skin, sitting in boxer shorts, slowly breathing air in and out, and meditating on the floor. There was something unusual though: the heat.
- Hey people – the old Jackson said. -, this heat is about to be unbearable.
- Absolutely… - the tired William approved. – I wish I could sit into the fridge!
- Can you read the thermometer next to that, my son?
- Of course. – Jumper leant to the right; there was a digital thermometer next to the refrigerator on the wall. He could read the neon green numbers on its black background very easily, even from the distance.
- Holy shit…
- What is that? – Drake shouted to the kitchen.
- Guys…I'm not sure if it's possible, but…
- Spit it out! – The old Jackson said.
- It's over 51 Celsius degrees!
- WHAT?! - Diablo jumped up in surprise. – That's impossible!
- What's the problem? – Shiori asked, to which the young Jackson turned quickly and shouted:
- I know, I'M SURE that the terraformer provides guaranteed temperature below 50 degrees! Something must be broken!
- Contact Jensen, NOW! - His father said, then took a smartphone off from the coffee table from his right and threw that to his son. The devil-skinned catch that, nervously dialing and rushing up to the first floor.
- What are you gonna do? – Sam turned back to the orange-haired male who was embracing her from beyond. She did not worry yet, even though she started guessing: something went wrong, especially as tension started increasing.
- Hey, the news! – The old Jackson yelled; everyone turned there. On the wide wall-screen, a bald, apparently middle-aged newsreader man was visible, with the red Sun next to him, as he was telling news about the weather.
"Malfunction in the Pole City Terraformer Facility." – He said. – "During dawn, several environmental chamber block reported failure or failed completely to report at all consecutively. Because of the delay caused by the depth, contact could barely been established with the center; what the field researchers noted is that they cannot find executive field director Dr. Shaun Jensen within the building block. The whereabouts of the leading engineer is still unknown; the main operations are now organized by Dr. Roger Zachbel, who suggested every citizens of the Pole Region, most importantly of those in Pole City to visit any of the Sanctuary Bunkers nearby and stay there until the Facility Directorate does not order otherwise. Consequently, Major Nehber Golra announced state of emergency; now every logistical power of the city is attempting to help the citizens to get into the Bunkers in safety."
- WHAT DO YOU MEAN THAT JENSEN IS GONE?! – The sharp scream of Diablo could be heard even on the ground level, as everyone was watching the television in complete fright.
- To the training hall, NOW! – The old Jackson jumped up from the coach, running to the familiar door.
- Wait! – Drake interrupted him. – We need a Sanctuary or whatever they were talking!
- Idiot, we are the family of Diablo, of course we have our own one! – He shouted back. – LOGAN, COME OVER HERE!
- Guys, we're in deep shit! – The devil-skinned was running down on the stairs in panic. – We're in the deepest shit this planet has ever been!
- What's that?! – The entire Gate Hunter team asked, but instead of answer, Logan rushed through the crowd, dragging those he could reach (Red and Shiori) by hand.
- Gonna explain down there, but now hurry because soon the entire surface becomes lethally hot!
- WHAT?! – Everyone started becoming nervous at this point, but instead of answers, the amazon, the starman and the devil-skinned disappeared on the turning staircase very soon; they were quickly followed by the rest of the team.

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