Zillas are the most widespread domesticated animals in the Cosmic Disk and despite most frequently domesticated and breed by the Republic, this race quickly became the best source of meat in several cultures.


Similar to Earth chickens in several aspects; they have a pair of legs ended in claws and a pair of limb, functioning as wings, ending in wide set of feathers. What makes the difference is an additional pair of legs, functioning as semi-compatible hands. Also, below their feathers (the coloration of which might vary among literally ANY visible colors) their skin is scaled that they shed together with their feathers in every summer – as they are extremely adaptive, it is possible that they don't even grow their feathers back in warmer climate. Their beak is significantly longer and contains small but very sharp teeth.




Very muscular animals, bearing capabilities exceeding their size, making them efficient predators; though they tend to hunt only in case of the lack of the presence of any edible vegetation. Their meat is extremely concentrated, making it a super-efficient energy source. They reproduce by eggs, which are hardened at the beginning, but during the growing phase, the nestlings within slowly consume its calcium content, making it as soft as it's usually expected at reptilian species.



Their adaptivity makes them outstandingly cheap to raise, though their aggressive nature can cause cost increases in certain cases. Moreover, Zilla meat is considered only mildly tasty, as a result of their special physiology; however, it heavily depends on diet and the breed.



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